Upcoming Activities


Back 2 SchoolWe are inviting you to join us on Sunday, August 20th for a Back to School Bash here at the church.  From 3:00 to 5:00pm we will have games, snacks, and activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Set the books aside for an afternoon and join us as we have some fun, make new friends, and enjoy some great food.  More details will be published as we get closer to the event.



Tye Dye PartyEach year we like to have a kickoff for our Fall activities.  This year’s theme is going to be a tie dye party.  We will have lots of fun with this theme as we play games, enjoy snacks, and tie dye an article of clothing.  We are asking people to bring a T-shirt, shoes, or hat to tie dye.  We will kick this off at 3:00pm on Sunday, September 17th and end at 5:00pm.  Bring a couple of friends or family members with you as we throw a Tye Dye Party here at the church.


Bonfire and HayrideOne of the highlights of our Fall season at the church is the annual Hayride in Southeastway Park.  We are still working on the date and time for this event and will publish those as soon as they become available.  Each year we rent two hay wagons and go on a trip around the park.  We also enjoy a great meal as people bring a basket of goodies.  Be on the lookout for more details as we approach the middle of September.


Truth and Treat

Tuesday, October 31st has been set aside for our annual Truth and Treat night here at the church.  This year we are working on some new scenes to share with the children as they visit our safe Halloween alternative.  The doors will open at 5:30pm for families to come through the Bible land adventure where they will meet some of the characters mentioned in God’s Word.  Come prepared to be blessed by this very popular event.