One Fantastic Fall

A look back at the Fall 2017 Sermon Series

You can listen to these messages at our audio page

  One Fantastic Fall We are looking forward to One Fantastic Fall here at Cumberland.  Join us on Sunday, September 3rd as we kick off our Fall Preaching Series.  Below you will find an overview for the next three series of messages which will help us be relentless in our pursuit of God.  These three series will also shed light on our preaching emphasis for this year which is “Defining Love.”  We are excited about the Fall season here at the church and what God has in store for us.  Come experience One Fantastic Fall will us as we seek to Impact Lives For God.


Why I love my Church So many individuals in our society have expressed their dislike for church based upon past experiences or popular opinions.  They know the church for what it is against or hates, but is this fair.  During this four week series, we will look at why we love the church.  It has been said that the church is the hope of the world and that is still true today.  Join us as we look at some passages of scripture which speak to the church’s mission, vision and core principles.  This is a great series to invite those asking questions about the church to come and check us out.


 Are We ReadyAre we ready?  There are so many different ways that we could go with that question, but we want to use this question to help us prepare for those new to the church.  Are we ready to love those who visit us on a Sunday morning?  What if they look different than us?  What if they have different beliefs than we do?  Some individuals coming into the church might be considered messy.  How can we show them the love of Jesus Christ?  These are some great questions that need to be addressed by the church  to truly impact lives for God in a positive manner.  Are we ready?


 Love In ActionNovember is a great month to focus our attention on the word “thanksgiving.”  We have a lot to be thankful for as individuals and as a congregation.  This series of messages is being designed with that focus in mind.  We want to spend some time saying thanks to those who have served our country, community, church, and Lord.  Each week we will talk about what it means to put our love into actions through our gifts of service.  Join us in expressing our appreciation to those who have served in the past and those serving today.