God’s says, “I Love You”

Promises from Genesis

Jan 31 – Feb 28

Jan. 31             Text: Genesis 1:27-30             Title: The promise in the garden

Theme: God promised to care for Adam and Eve

Feb. 7              Text: Genesis 9:12-17             Title: The promise in the sky

Theme: God promised not to destroy mankind again by flood

Feb. 14            Text: Genesis 15:1-6               Title: The promise in the night

Theme: God promised to bless Abraham with many children

Feb. 21            Text: Genesis 26:1-6               Title: The promise in the famine

Theme: God promised to provide Isaac a place to live

Feb. 28            Text: Genesis 46:1-4               Title: The promise in the vision

Theme: God promised to make Jacob into a great nation

 I Promise

Recently I have been struck by the number of promises given by God in the scriptures.  It is hard to turn a page in our Bibles without finding another promise from God.  From the Garden of Eden to the Paradise of Eternity, God shares his promises with mankind.  Many of these promises still apply to us today as we await the coming Christ.  As we make our way through 2016, I want us to focus on some of these beloved promises from God.  We will look at some of the promises that talk about God’s love for us and his promise to care for us on a daily bases.  Something special about God’s promises is the knowledge that He will keep his word to us.  King Solomon had this to say about God’s promises in First Kings chapter eight: “Praise be to the Lord, who has given rest to his people Israel just as he promised.  Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses.”  Even though those words were spoken close to three thousand years ago; they still hold true.  God is faithful to his word; that’s the undeniable truth of the scriptures.  Let me encourage you to join us as we spend some time each week looking at all the great promises of God found in the scriptures.


God says, “I Love You.”

One of the basic needs of human beings is love.  We want someone to love us and we need someone to love.  Unfortunately many individuals have experienced broken promises when it comes to human love.  This phenomenon often clouds our view of God when it comes to his promise to always love us.  How can we, as Christians, be so sure that God will continue to love us?  That is where the book of Genesis comes into play.  During this five week series we will look at some stories from Genesis that demonstrates how God remains faithful to his promise to love us unconditionally.  If you are struggling with the results of broken promises, let me invite you to come hear some messages about a God who always keeps his word.  If you are wondering if God can love you even after everything you have done, let me encourage you to be here for this important series of messages.  God’s promise to love you still holds true today.