Tom Scott - 15/09/2013

Luke 5:12-16


Date: September 16

Monday morning has come once again.† Last night we held our Fall Kick-off here at the church and there are a lot of tired individuals this morning.† We appreciate everyone who helped to pull off the big event.† The Kinnett’s put together the meal, Mark took care of the bounce house, Carl brought the racing items, and Chris and Nick took care of the Pine Derby race.† There were many more who helped with the activity, but it was Dedra and Daniel who oversaw the evening.† The two of them put a lot of hours into planning the evening and getting everything set.† All these volunteers desire a pat on the back or a note of encouragement.† Together the church can do great things for the Lord.† That is what we should be pushing for as a congregation.† In the message yesterday morning, I talked about the power of God’s love.† We can touch people’s lives with God’s love.† In Luke chapter five, we see that Jesus touched the life of a man with leprosy and made him clean.† The church should be a place of healing.† Here are five questions to help you reflect upon the message.

1. All of us have experienced medical emergencies in our lives.† In a flash, your calm world is turned upside down by an accident or an attack.† You receive the phone call in the middle of the night that informs you of a tragedy that has just taken place.† When was the last time you experienced a moment like this and what did it do to your faith?

2. Jesus was walking around the Sea of Galilee preaching and teaching in all the towns along the way.† When he came to a certain place, he met a man covered with leprosy.† This is Dr. Luke’s way of telling us that the man was in the final stages of the disease.† There was no hope for the man of being cured or made clean again.† He begged Jesus for help by telling Jesus that he could cure him of the disease.† What risks did this man take in pleading his case before Jesus?

3. When the man begged Jesus for help, the crowd was watching to see what Jesus would do.† It had to be shocking for all who were watching because Jesus reached out and touched this man.† Rabbis did not touch people who were unclean because it would defile them†before God.† This is why the priest and the Levite†avoided the man who had been beaten up in Luke chapter 10.† Why do you think Jesus reached out and touched this man when he could have easily spoken†and healed the man?

4. The message centered on three activities that we can take as a church to touch people’s lives in a way similar to what we see Jesus doing here in Luke chapter five.† These three suggestions were to pray for people, share God’s word with people, and meet people’s needs.† James 5:16 says that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.††Is there something that we can do to help increase the effectiveness of our prayer time when it comes to praying for those who are sick or hurting?

5.†When it comes to the church; many of us probably do not see†it as a place of healing, but that is what†it can become when we touch people’s lives with the love of God.††There are all kinds of ways that we can minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the people who live around this church.† What are some ways that you can bring healing to others by touching them with God’s love?

The next sermon in this series, on helping people find their way back to God,†deals with forgiveness.† Until Sunday,†let’s keep on inviting others to come and join us as we journey through God’s word.


Introduction: As Jesus was walking through one of the towns in Galilee he met a man who was covered with leprosy.This man begged Jesus to heal him.There are millions of people who are in need of a healing touch today.Some individuals have walked away from God because of an issue with their health or that of a loved one.We can help people find their way back to the Lord by offering them the healing touch of Godís love.

I.††††††††††††††††††† Jesus met a man with leprosy.

A.†††† He was covered with leprosy. †††Luke 17:11-13

B.†††† He was begging for help. ††††††††††Mark 9:22

II.†††††††††††††††† Jesus touched a man with leprosy.

A.What Jesus did was shocking.††Mark 1:41

B.†††† What Jesus did was curious.††††Matthew 9:31

III.†††††††††††††† The church can touch peopleís lives today.

A.†††† We can pray for people.††††††††††James 5:16

B.†††† We can share Godís word with people.1 Peter 5:7

C.†††† We meet the needs of people.Matthew 25:37-39

Conclusion: Today, we can help people find their way back to God by offering them the healing touch of His love.As we go about our daily activities this week, letís be on the lookout for opportunities to touch peopleís lives.

Key Thought: We can help people find healing through Godís love

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