Tom Scott - 8/09/2013

Luke 5:1-11


Date: September 9, 2013

Fishing is one of those activities that requires patience.† Standing on the shore waiting for the fish to†take the bait can be a real test for some of us.† We†want things to happen now.††Peter probably†wanted to go home and forget the last eight hours of his life when Jesus stepped onto his boat.† Fishing had not gone well that night.† He had nothing to show for his efforts.† Instead, Peter is left washing empty nets on the shores of Galilee wondering how he would†put food on his table with nights like this.† Luke chapter five begins with Jesus†asking Peter to go back out on the water†with his fishing nets.† In this message from Luke 5:1-11 we looked at how the church†should be a place where people find purpose.† Here are five questions to help us reflect upon the message:

1.† If you go to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO, you will find that they have a ton of fishing poles for sale.† They have about every color, size, type, and weight of fishing†pole that you could want.† It is ridiculous how many poles they have on the showroom floor.† You could spend a million dollars and not even put a bent in their stock.† How many fishing poles do you own and when was the last time you went fishing?

2. Peter was minding his own business when we turn to Luke 5:1.† He and his partners were cleaning up from the long night on the Sea of Galilee.† It is interesting the way that Jesus†interacts with Peter during times like this.† Here Jesus tells Peter to throw out the nets.† In Matthew 17, Jesus tells Peter to throw out a line and after the resurrection Jesus will tell†Peter to throw out his nets on the other side of the boat.† Why do you think Jesus did this to Peter?

3. Jesus was about his Father’s business here in Luke chapter five.† First, Jesus was teaching the people on the†beach as he walked through the area.† Secondly, he was making disciples of those who would lead the church.† Peter and his three partners in the fishing business were asked by Jesus to come follow him.† Jesus wanted them to be fishers of men.† What would be your first thought if Jesus were to ask you that question right now?

4. The last section of the message from Luke five focused on the business of the church today.††It is my contention that the church should still be in the fishing business.††We need individuals who will come and be fishers of men within the church.† That is the purpose of the church as I see it in Matthew 28 when Jesus delivered the great commission.† Each and every individual who comes into the church can help us accomplish that mission.† What role are you taking in helping the church become fishers of men?

5. Time is a precious commodity these days and we want to make a difference with our lives.† What greater purpose could we†have than serving the Lord on a daily basis?† The church should be a place where people find purpose in their life.† Is there someone that you know who is looking for a sense of purpose in life?† Let’s be like Jesus and lift their†eyes up†so that they might see the calling that God has in store for them.

Hope you have a great week in the Lord knowing that he works all things to the good of those who love†Him and have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28)!††Let’s go fishing this week†because the seas are filled with fish who are waiting for us to invite them to church.



Jesus was teaching on the Sea of Galilee when he called Peter to become a fisher of men.As a church, it is our responsibility to share the call of God with as many people as possible.The church should be a place where people can fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

I.†††††††††††††††††† Peter was minding his own business.

A.††† He was washing his nets.Mark 1:16

B.†††† He was willing to cast his nets.Matthew 17:27

II.††††††††††††††† Jesus was about his Fatherís business.

A.Jesus was teaching the people.Luke 2:49

B.†††† Jesus was calling his disciples.John 1:42

III.†††††††††††† The church is still in the fishing business.

A.††† Are you listening for a call?Romans 11:5-6

B.†††† Are you searching for a purpose?1 Corinthians 12:7

Conclusion: Time is a precious commodity these days and we only invest it in activities that serve a purpose.We want to make a difference with the life we have been given.This is why the church should work hard at helping people hear the call of God on their life.It should be our goal to see that we plug as many individuals into the mission of the church as possible.Will you help us achieve this goal by making this a place where people find purpose?

Key Thought: We can help people find purpose in Godís calling

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