Tom Scott - 28/06/2015

Exodus 3:13-15


Date: June 29, 2015

Over the weekend the second of the two escapees from the New York prison was captured which is good news for the residents of that area.  Once they were able to identify the fugitive, police moved in and got their man.  These two prisoners had been on the run for several weeks and were considered armed and dangerous by the authorities.  Residents were asked not to confront these men for fear that they would harm someone as they headed for the Canadian border.  Thankful police were able to find these two men before they escaped the country.
We live in a world that is full of violence.  Every day we hear stories on the news of people being shot and killed.  Even here in Indianapolis, we hear horrific stories of violence being played out on our city streets.  The further our country pulls away from God, the more violent our world becomes.
Yesterday I shared a message on who God is based upon a scripture from the Old Testament book of Exodus.  It is here that Moses meets with God before being sent back into Egypt.  In this message, I dealt with the basic doctrine of what we believe about God.  Let me encourage you to listen to the message again and work through these five questions.

1. The message began with me holding up a stain glass window which was crafted for me by a neighbor’s friend.  I asked people to describe the window using five words or less.  How difficult would it be for you to describe God in five words or less?

2. Moses was on Mount Sinai when God asked him to return to Egypt.  God was going to use Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery and deliver them into the promise land.  Moses had a question for God in verse 13.  What is this question and why would he ask this of God?

3. God would answer Moses in verses 14 and 15 by telling him both his name and a little bit about his nature.  We remember the name of God here as “I am that I am” which speaks to God ability to be self-existent.  There are lots of names for God in the scriptures.  What are some names used to describe God in the Bible?

4. The last portion of the message dealt with the basic doctrine of God.  As a Christian church we believe that God is our eternal Father up in Heaven.  We believe that God is omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent.  We believe that God is so much bigger than what the human mind can comprehend.  How would you describe God to a friend or co-worker in terms which they could understand?

5. The church states that we believe in God the Father, but the question that needs to be addressed is who you believe God to be in your life.  Close to 90% of Americans believe that there is a God, but less than 20% are in church on any given Sunday to worship this God.  How is your belief in God transforming your life?  Is there any evidence in your daily activities that you believe God to be your eternal Father in Heaven?

Next Lord’s Day we are going to look at Jesus as the Son of God.  Let me strongly encourage you to be here for this message.  In our world today, this belief that Jesus is the Son of God is under attack.  We must be able to defend the truth and that is what I plan to do with this message.  See you here at 10:30 as we continue our look at the basic doctrines of the Christian church.  Have a great week in the Lord!



Exodus 3:13-15                                                                                June 28, 2015

Introduction: How do you describe something that is beyond words?  That is the problem with defining God.  Human words and expressions fail to capture the greatness of God.  Moses discovered this on Mount Sinai as God asked him to return to Egypt.  Today, let’s look at what we believe about our God in Heaven.


How would you describe it?  ________________________________

I. Moses asks the question.

A. There were __________ of gods in Egypt.  Acts 17:16

B. There were ____________ in Moses’ head.  John 14:8


II. God answers the question.

A. This is my ________________.  Revelation 1:8

B. This is my ________________.  Jeremiah 23:23-24


II. Let’s address the question.

A. We believe in God the _____________.  Matthew 6:9

B. Do _____ believe in God the Father?  Joshua 24:14-15


Conclusion: Lots of individuals say they believe in God, but do we really believe that there is a God in Heaven who is watching over us.  That is the question all of us need to address today.  When we truly believe in the God of the scriptures; it will radically transform our lives.  Let’s spend some time this week trying to define this God which appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai and meets us where we are at today in life.


Key Thought: We believe in a God who goes way beyond human description.

Key Words: Lots, doubts, name, nature, Father, we


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