Tom Scott - 19/07/2015

2 Timothy 3: 16-17


Date: July 20, 2015

It is Monday morning right now as I write this study.  I wonder if you have taken time yet today to read your Bibles.  Did you wake up this morning longing for a few moments in God’s word?  Before you checked your phone for new emails, did you check out the verse of the day on your Bible app?  Maybe you are waiting till tonight to read something from the scriptures.  You might be an individual who finds a quiet place in the evenings to get alone with your Bible.  Or it could be that you are waiting till late tonight when it is time to head to bed to crack open the Bible.  Whenever it is, daily Bible reading is an essential part of our personal discipleship.  Yesterday I talked about why we believe the Bible to be special.  Here are five questions to help us reflect upon the message.  Be sure and pass this E-study on to others.

1. At the beginning of the message I presented three Bibles to the congregation that are special to me.  One was my grandfather’s from WWII, one was from Dedra’s grandmother, and the third was a huge edition I bought at a mall years ago.  Do you have a special Bible at home and why is it so special to you or your family?

2. During the message I shared six statements in regards to what we believe about the Bible.  The first two statements were in regards to the nature of the scriptures.  In Second Timothy 3:16-17 Paul talks about the scriptures being God-breathed.  We believe that the scriptures are the inspired Word of God and therefore inerrant as given to us through the Holy Spirit.  What proof do we have today to prove these claims?  (You might want to listen to the message to help answer this question)

3. The second set of statements in regards to the scriptures deal with their usefulness to us today.  We believe that the Bible is useful both for growing Christians and for reaching people.  Paul says in Romans that faith comes by hearing the word of God.  Peter says we should crave the scriptures let a newborn baby craves his or her mother’s milk.  How much time do you spend in the scriptures daily and are you satisfied with this amount?

4. For the third set of statements we looked at how the scriptures relate to our current situation.  We believe the Bible is our standard for truth in the world today.  It does not matter what the world tries to set as a standard when it comes to right and wrong, we believe the Bible is our standard for truth.  We also believe the Bible is our source of hope in the world today.  Why do you think so many people now want to destroy, twist, or ignore the scriptures in their personal lives?

5. At the end of the message I mentioned the current situation in our country and how the world is attacking the integrity of the scriptures.  In response, Christians must return to their Bibles.  Revival will come as we heed the words of scripture.  Second Chronicles 7:14 is there for the claiming today.  What role will you play in making the Bible special in your home, in your church, in your community, in this country, and around the world?

Let me take just a moment to thank so many of you who were here yesterday for the service.  Your positive comments were appreciated.  I want to encourage you to remain strong in your faith.  Like Paul, let’s be steadfast in our desire to remain faithful to the finish.  Together, we can impact lives for God in a positive way.  Thanks for being a part of the church!

Introduction:  Many of us have a special Bible in our house that was given to us by someone.  Maybe we have a family Bible which has been passed down to us.  The apostle Paul in writing to Timothy talked about the importance of the scriptures in his life.  Today we will look at the church’s beliefs on the Bible and why we believe it is special.

I. We believe the Bible.

A. Is the __________Word of God.  Galatians 1:11-12

B. Is the ____________ Word of God.  Psalm 12:6

II. We believe the Bible.

A. Is useful for __________Christians.  Deuteronomy 8:3

B. Is useful for ___________people.  Hebrews 4:12

III. We believe the Bible.

A. Is our ___________ for truth.  John 17:17

B. Is our ________________of hope.  1 Peter 1:23


Conclusion: What we believe about the Bible does not change the truth about God’s Word.  This book is the inspired word of God given to us so that we might know Him and the life He wants us to live.  Each day we need to spend time in our Bibles reading what God has to say to us.  Let’s focus on reading our Bibles and then apply it to our daily lives.  This is how we truly impact lives for God.


Key Thought: We believe that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God and is without fault.


Key Words: inspired, inerrant, growing, reaching, standard, source


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