Tom Scott - 7/05/2017

Exodus 3:1-4


Date: May 8, 2017

God loves you.  Is that just a slogan for us or is it a reality?  My prayer is that its a reality that we cling to each and every day of our lives.  Far too many individuals have lost sight of God’s love in their lives.  They feel as if God has abandoned them, neglected them, or hates them.  How do we convince them otherwise?  That’s a great question that desires some attention.  Yesterday, we looked at the story of Moses being called into God’s service as the Israelites remained in Egypt.  Let’s take a few moments this week to reflect upon the message as we consider how to prove to people that God loves us deeply.

1. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who questioned God’s love and how did you respond to the person’s arguments?

2. Moses was qualified to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, but it wasn’t until he was called into service that he was ready to take on the task.  Do you remember the moment when God called you into service?

3. During the message, I shared five ways to prove to people that God loves us deeply using the story of Moses’ calling here in Exodus chapter three.  Reason one is the way in which God created us.  How does this fact prove God’s love for us?

4. A couple of more reasons from the story is the way in which God has called us and cared for us.  When was the last time God came through in a pinch for you that let you know he cared about you?

5. The last two ways we can prove God loves us deeply are the way he has conquered death for us and the way he confides in us.  I highlighted the fact that God has revealed his plans to us through the scriptures.  How does Christ’s revealing his mystery to us prove God’s love for us?

God loves us deeply.  The is an important message which the world needs to hear.  Hopefully the Lord will open some doors of opportunity for us to share this message with our family and friends this week.  Remember this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  We want to honor the mothers who are here.  Have a blessed week!

In His Service,

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