Tom Scott - 7/08/2016

Revelation 2:1-7


Date: August 8, 2016

Back in the 80′s Kool and the Gang sang a song entitled, “Celebration.”  Throughout the song that are encouraging people to celebrate the good times.  They talk about a party going on inside and they are inviting people to join them in their time of celebration.  I can remember hearing that song on the rink as we roller-skated at Melody Skateland on West Washington Street.  It was a fun song that lifted your spirits.  Some of you will be happy to know that we did not sing that song yesterday as we celebrated our 60th anniversary as a congregation, but we did have a good time.  It was a wonderful day to be in the house of the Lord here at Cumberland.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who made the day special whether you helped out with the meal, the music, or the program.  What a blessing it is to be a part of a congregation that has such a rich history and a promising future.  It will be fun seeing what God has in store for the congregation as we seek to remain faithful to the finish in the race which has been marked out for us.

The message yesterday focused on the letter which Jesus wrote to the church at Ephesus which is found in Revelation chapter two.  We sent some time comparing the two churches and extracting some life lessons from the letter.  Here are some questions to help us reflect upon that message.

1. Sixty years ago a group of individuals got together with the vision of planting a church in the Cumberland community.  Through its history the church has experienced some highs and lows in the ministry.  What are some of the positive memories which you have of the church when you look back upon its history?

2. Jesus in writing to the church at Ephesus expressed some praises and some concerns for the congregation.  As you read through verses one through seven, what are some of the key items which Jesus highlights in this letter?

3. Yesterday in the message I tried to illustrated from the letter to Ephesus the importance of us remaining relentless in our pursuit of the Lord.  We revisited the three prongs of our vision for the coming three years as a congregation.  The first prong was a pursuit of the truth.  Second Timothy 2:15 reminds us to study the scriptures so that we can rightly handed the truth of God.  How much time are you spending on a weekly basis in God’s word?

4. The second prong of the vision is to pursue the lost.  It is in Luke 19:10 that Jesus tells the Pharisees that he has come to seek and to save the lost.  Our mission as a congregation is to go and make disciples of all nations.  Have you read any books, articles, or blogs lately which you found helpful when it comes to personal evangelism?

5. Along with a pursuit of the truth and lost, we need to be relentless in our drive for the prize.  Jesus talked about eating from the tree of life in paradise and Paul talked about a crown waiting for him in Heaven.  What has been your greatest motivation when it comes to remaining faithful to God when life gets difficult?

Again, we had a great weekend here at Cumberland with the 60th anniversary.  We need times like this to celebrate what has been accomplished.  It is also a reminder that much more is left to be done.  Together let’s go out there and impact lives for God.  As always, thanks for the opportunity to serve alongside of you!

In His Service,

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