Tom Scott - 23/10/2016

Rev 21:1-8

Introduction: As we come to the close of Revelation, the scene switches from the doom of the devil to the victory of the Lord.  Heaven and Hell are two separate places in eternity and they have different leaders.  This morning we will look at the differences between the devil and the Lord.


I. The good place.

A. Michael is the architect and official.

B. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega.  Revelation 21:6-7


II. The upcoming elections.

A. Under Satan’s leadership we find ____________.   John 10:1

B. Under Christ’s leadership we find ____________.   Acts 3:21


III. The clear choice.

A. The Lord will ______________.  John 19:30

B. The Lord will ______________.  Psalm 146:10

C. The Lord will ______________.  Philippians 4:19

D. The Lord will ______________.  Romans 8:17


Conclusion: The scriptures paint a pretty clear distinction between the leadership styles of the devil and the Lord.  God has given us the freedom to choose who we want to be our leader throughout eternity. As Christians we can look forward to living with Jesus in Heaven.  Let’s look for opportunities this week to help people see that we have chosen to follow Christ into eternity.

Key Thought: We can look forward to living with Jesus in Heaven.

Key Words: destruction, restoration, finish, reign, provide, reward


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