Tom Scott - 18/10/2015

Luke 9:51-56


Date: October 19, 2015

Okay, I will admit that the Colts kept the game much closer than anticipated.  If you were in the service yesterday, you will understand why I am making that admission.  The point of the message was not to focus on the Colts game, but to help us deal with the constant interruptions we face in life.  Let’s spend some time reflecting upon the message by working through these five questions.

1. Interruptions are a part of our lives whether we like it or not.  Some suggest that we can expect something like fifty interruptions per work day.  What or who is the greatest source of your daily interruptions?

2. Jesus had to deal with interruptions during his earthly ministry.  (Luke 9:51-56, Mark 5:21-36, Matthew 20:29-34).  Yesterday I pointed out three occasions when he was interrupted by someone wanting his attention.  What are some other occasions when Jesus had to deal with an interruption in his daily activities?

3. The second half of the message focused on five tips that I shared on how we can better handle/ manage the interruptions we face in our lives.  The first tip was to pray each morning that God might help us better deal with these distractions.  How can prayer help you deal with the constant interruptions you deal with at home or work?

4. Another tip that I shared during the message was to set your schedule.  Far too many of us set a schedule that does not allow for interruptions.  When something comes up that interrupts our schedule we become frustrated.  What are some ways that you can prioritize your schedule so that interruptions do not disrupt your to do list?

5. The last tip shared dealt with looking for opportunities to minster to people instead of seeing them as an distraction.  Jesus often took time to minister to people who interrupted him as he made his way to Jerusalem.  Is there someone that you need help with who serves as a constant distraction when it comes to getting your work done?

Next week we are going to look at how to handle our daily responsibilities using a story from Jesus’ ministry.  Let me encourage you to invite your family and friends to come out as we continue our series that deals with distractions.  Have a great week in the Lord!



Introduction: Interruptions are a fact of life, but how we handle them is a choice.  Jesus was making his way towards Jerusalem when he was interrupted by two of his disciples.  They wanted to distract him from what he had set out to accomplish.  This morning we will look at how Jesus dealt with interruptions in his life.

I. Just when you are in a groove.

A. The middle of the ____________.

B. The middle of the ____________.

II. Jesus was interrupted more than once.

A. Two sons of Thunder rumble.  Luke 9:51

B. Two people with medical problems.  Mark 5:36

C. Two blind men near Jericho.  Matthew 20:29-30

III. Joy instead of frustration.

A. Five tips for managing interruptions.  Psalm 33:1,10

1.  __________ each morning.

2. __________ before judging.

3. Set up _________________.

4.  ________________our day.

5. Look to _______________.

B. One thought to keep in mind.  James 4:13-15

Conclusion: Interruptions come in all shapes and sizes.  Hopefully we have discovered some techniques to help us turn our interruptions into opportunities to minister to people.  Let’s not allow our constant interruptions cause us to lose focus on what is most important in life.  As Christians we are to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.


Key Thought: Staying focus while dealing with our constant interruptions requires prayer and patience.


Key Words: night, show, pray, listen, boundaries, schedule, minister


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