Pastor Nolen - 15/04/2018


Date: April 15, 2018

Wow!  What a powerful message we heard yesterday during the morning service.  We are so grateful for Pastor Nolen coming and sharing with us about the work that is taking place at the Hope Center.  This ministry is less than two years ago, but it is already having a huge impact on the lives of countless individuals.  Even those working with the women in the program are being impacted by the powerful testimonies that are coming out of lives changed by the grace of God.  We are working to put both the message and the testimony on our website.  If you have not yet noticed, Adobe Flash Driver must be used in order to listen to the messages.  We are exploring our options on Websites as we find our current one failing to meet our needs.  Thanks for being understanding as we consider what comes next in this regard.  I do have five questions for us to reflect upon based on the message that was shared yesterday.
If you have not yet had a tour of the Hope Center and would like to visit this vital ministry, please let me know and I will work to schedule one in the coming weeks.  There is a volunteer page on their website if you would like to explore the options available which range from maintenance to mentoring.  One of the most important ways to support the work of the Hope Center is to keep them in your prayers.  I would suggest we find a time each week when we can lift them up in our prayer time.

1.  Pastor Nolen’s message came from the book of Hosea who was an Old Testament prophet during one of the darkest periods in the history of Israel.  Have you ever heard a message from the book of Hosea before?

2.  Hosea was a prophet who was asked to do something that most of us would have struggled with.  He was asked to marry a woman who most likely was a prostitute.  Why would God want a man to marry someone like this when the priest of Israel were instructed to only marry virgins?

3.  Gomer was a woman whose name meant “burning coal” and we see that she bore three kids who probably had some of the oddest names.  After running away from Hosea and being put on the auction block as a sex slave, why would Hosea purchase her?

4.  Pastor Nolen shared that nearly 95% of the women involved in the sex trafficking business were abuses as a child which is rather staggering when you stop and think about it.  The pain of that experience forever alters their mind.  Do you know someone who was abused as a child and how has that experience affected their life?

5.  Heidi came up and shared her testimony of how the Hope Center has helped her come to the place where she can forgive her father for what he did.  She volunteers at the Hope Center because of how the Lord has brought her through that experience.  Is there a way that we can be used of God when it comes to the ministry of the Hope Center?

This Sunday we are going to share in another message on the topic of missions as we celebrate this year’s Faith Promise Rally.  The message will focus on a passage of scripture from the book of Acts and help us look at the other missions we support here at Cumberland.  Let me remind you of something that Pastor Nolen shared yesterday at the beginning of his message.  He praised the church for its commitment to missions.  One of the signs of a healthy church is a strong missions program.  Thanks for making that happen here.  I look forward to highlighting our missions this week.

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