Tom Scott - 4/10/2015

Luke 15:21-23


Date: October 5, 2015

What a great blessing it was at the end of the service to be able to welcome home Hank and Tammy Gregg who were members years ago and have now returned.  They had been attending a church on the west side of town before moving back to Greenfield recently.  It is always a real joy to see people responding to the message.  Thanks for all the positive comments you have been sharing about the series of messages.  The story of the Prodigal Son is so powerful when you dig deep into this parable spoken by Jesus.  Let’s keep praying that others will come and make a decision for the Lord.  God is like the father waiting for his son to come home.  Why does he wait; because he loves his son unconditionally.  That was the point of yesterday’s message.  Here are five questions to help us reflect upon the message.

1.  Yesterday I began with a story about identity theft that hit close to home for us.  Twice in the past five years we have had to deal with someone trying to steal our identity.  Do you have a story to tell about someone trying to steal your identity?

2.  When the son came home in Luke chapter 15, we find the father wanting to do three things.  The first action the father wants to take is to forgive his son.  We find the son confessing his sins to his father in verse 21.  The son feels so unworthy because of what he has done.  Have you ever felt completely unworthy of God’s love?

3. Once the son has confessed his sins, the father calls for his servants.  He wants them to bring out three items.  They are to bring the best robe, the family ring, and a pair of sandals.  The father wants to lavish his son with his love.  When you read the words of 1 John 3:1, is it possible for us to doubt that God loves us unconditionally?

4.  In verse 23 we hear the father calling for the servants to kill the fattened calf so that they can celebrate his son’s return home.  Jesus makes it a point to say in the three parables of Luke 15 that there is a celebration going on when a sinner repents.  If you had to describe the celebration that is taking place in Heaven when a sinner repents, how would you picture that celebration?

5. Dave and Jon Ferguson say that the fourth awakening in our return to God is an awareness that we are God’s unconditionally loved child.  That is our true identity in Christ, but the devil would love to steal that away from us.  What steps are you taking in your life to ensure that the devil does not steal your identity in Christ?

We have one more message in this series on the Prodigal Son.  It may appear that we have already reached the climax of the story, but this last message is just as important as the rest.  Let me encourage you to look at verse 24 there in Luke 15.  We are going to focus our attention on how Jesus wraps up this powerful parable.  Take some time this week to pray that God will speak to others who need to make a decision for the Lord.

Have a great week!

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