Tom Scott - 26/03/2017

John 15:13


Date: April 26, 2017

The world is changing all the time.  On Saturday I went to the Family Bookstore to see what was left as they close their business.  Their wall art was only marked down 30 percent which makes it  still way too expensive for a cheapskate let me.  One of the pictures they had hanging on the wall was a scene from the Last Supper.  It was in that upper room on the night Jesus would be betrayed that our Savior had a lot to say to his disciples.  The painting is beautiful, but the price was still too high.  If you have seen the news lately, Family Bookstore is not the only business going under.  Kmart, Sears, Gander Mountain, HH Gregg, are just a few of the names that have rattled the market.  Customers have changed the way they make their purchases.  Curbside pickup and home delivers are the fad now.
What’s this got to do with our message yesterday?  That’s a great question.  Easter is upon us which means our eyes turn toward the events of that final week in Jesus’ life.  Life was changing for the disciples over the course of the next couple of days as they experienced the death, burial and resurrection of their leader, teache, and friend.  Jesus had predicted that these things would happen, but it wasn’t until they experienced them that they came to believe in God’s ability to fulfill His promises.  Yesterday, we looked at John chapter 15 and the benefits of Jesus’ predictions coming true.  Let’s take a few minutes this week to reflect upon that message.

1.  This sermon series has been entitled “He nailed it.”  At the beginning of the message I shared some images of what this might look like. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase: “He nailed it?”

2.  Jesus is in the upper room with his disciples talking about greater love.  We find verse 13 in the midst of a discussion about vines and branches.  Why would Jesus compare himself to a vine and how does this make us branches?

3.  I shared four benefits of Jesus’ prediction coming true that he would lay down his life for his disciples.  The first benefit had to do with remaining in God.  What kind of requirements do you see in the plea to remain in God?

4. The second benefit we find in John chapter 15 is the complete joy which only God can offer us.  How would you describe the difference between joy and happiness to someone who is not a Christian?

5.  Benefit number three was being called a friend of God and the fourth benefit I talked about was bearing lasting fruit for the Lord.  Why is it vital for us to remain in God if we want to bear lasting fruit for him?

What a great Sunday we had yesterday!  It was good to hear so many people singing out during the song service and to have so many listening ears during the message.  Let’s continue to invite others as we look forward to the Easter celebration on April 16th.  Let’s keep one another in prayer as we go about this week’s activities.

In His Service,


John 15:13                                                                                                                 March 26, 2017

Introduction: This week we are going to take a peek into this upper room as Jesus shares some final thoughts with his disciples.  It is around the table that Jesus will talk about his coming death and resurrection.  In the midst of this conversation, Jesus will talk about the importance of remaining in God’s love.  We will look at how Jesus defined love for his disciples.


I. That’s remarkable.

A. He nailed it!

B. He predicted it!  John 15:13


II. That’s unbelievable.

A. Gathering in upper room.  John 13:1

B. Talking about greater love.  Romans 5:6-8


III. That’s incredible.

A. We will ______________ in God.  1 John 2:28

B. We will experience complete _______.  1 Peter 1:8-9

C. We will become His _____________.  James 2:23

D. We will bear lasting ___________.  Galatians 5:22-23


Conclusion: This year as we prepare to celebrate Easter, let’s remember the amazing love which Jesus demonstrated for us with his death on the cross.  His bold prediction came true because of the awesome power of our Heavenly Father.  Let’s remain in that love as we seek to impact lives for God within this community and around the world.


Key Thought: Jesus was right on the money when it came to predicting his future

Key Words: remain, joy, friend, fruit


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