Tom Scott - 24/09/2017

Matthew 28:18-20

          Title: We have a great commission


Theme: Jesus is the one sending us



Date: September 25, 2017

Let me begin this E-study with a note about the services for Karen Pitman’s mom who passed away last week.  The service times are 11:00 for the graveside service and 11:30 for the Celebration of Life service here at the church.  Please note that these times are different from what I shared with you yesterday.
Yesterday it was so good to be in church together with fellow believers.  We need to come together and draw strength from one another.  Life is difficult as many of you already know.  It is good to have individuals you can count on when you stumble and fall.  Church is a place where you can help each other out in our moments of weakness and strength.  We are not in a race to see who gets to Heaven first, but rather in a race where we want to see as many get to Heaven as possible.  That’s why Jesus gave us the Great Commission there in Matthew 28.  The mission of the church is to make disciples who then can go out and make other disciples.  This is how we turn things around in our church, community, country, and world.  Let me ask you five study questions to help us reflect upon the message delivered yesterday.

1. Almost every company has a mission statement that guides the business.  Do you know what the mission statement of the church is right now?

2. Jesus chose these eleven men who were called disciples to be his ambassadors to the world with the gospel message.  What are some of the challenges that these men would face as they considered the commission Jesus gave them there in verses 19 and 20 of Matthew chapter 28?

3. The great commission centers on the idea of making disciples of all nations.  Jesus would instruct his disciples to go and baptize people in the name of the Trinity.  How prepared do you feel right now when it comes to defending your position on the topic of baptism?

4. Jesus also told the disciples that making disciples means teaching them to obey the commands given by him throughout his ministry.  How would you grade yourself when it comes to your ability to rightly handle the Word of Truth?

5. In just a few centuries, Christianity went from being a sect to a national religion through the efforts of men like Peter and Paul plus the power of the Holy Spirit.  What is keeping us from fulfilling the great commission today as a church and as individuals?

I love this church because we have devoted ourselves to the great commission given by Jesus in Matthew chapter 28.  For more than 60 years we have committed time and effort to making disciples for the kingdom of God.  We must remain unwavering in our devotion to the words given by Jesus.  Join me next Sunday as we wrap up our series with a look at those final words spoken by Jesus about being with us to the end of the ages.


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