Tom Scott - 23/07/2017

1 Corinthians 13:5


Date: July 24, 2017

God came to Jonah and asked him if he had a right to be angry because He chose to save the people of Nineveh.  That’s a great question which often causes us to ponder our emotional response to the situations which arise in our lives.  Do I have a right to be angry with the lady who just cut me off on the road or the gentleman who scammed me out of some money?  Am I justified in being angry with God for the doctor’s report I just received or the rejection letter which we found in the mail box?
Yesterday morning we looked at Paul’s definition of love there in 1 Corinthians chapter 13.  He says that love doesn’t fly off the handle or is not easily angered.  During our time together we discussed how we can tame this nasty beast of anger which seeks to destroy our lives.  Before I share the questions with you, let me express my gratitude for Jim Mason bringing special music yesterday.  We appreciate him sharing his talent with us as a way of praising God.

1. According to some recent surveys conducted, a large majority of us believe that the world is becoming an angrier place.  What are two or three contributing factors to this increase sense that the world is a very angry place?

2. Moses appears to have stumbled in his anger as he threw down the stone tablets of God in Exodus 32.  In Numbers 20 he strikes a rock in anger because the Israelites are being rebellious again.  What are some other examples from the scriptures of individuals who may have stumbled into sin because of their anger?

3. During the message I also talked about the life of Jesus and how he became angry at times.  Can you recall some of those times and how did he prevent himself from stumbling into sin?

4. There were four methods presented yesterday for taming this nasty beast of anger.  The first was to consider the consequences and the second was to ask for help.  Why do you think so many individuals struggle when it comes to seeking help when they recognize an issue with anger management within themselves or someone they love?

5. Method number three was to look for solutions and the fourth was to manage our stress.  Do you recognize the triggers that cause you to be quicker to become angry with someone and what helps you remain calm?

Thanks so much for being apart of the worship service here yesterday.  The summer months provide a lot of individuals an opportunity to travel which tends to lower our attendance.  I’m looking forward to the Fall season when we can have everyone back together worshiping the Lord.  Till then, let’s enjoy the summer months.

In His Service,

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