Tom Scott - 6/08/2017

1 Corinthians 13:6

Title: Love Rejoices with the Truth                Text: 1 Corinthians 13:6

Theme: We need to champion the truth whenever possible


Date: August 7, 2017

Last week was a tough one for a lot of individuals within our community.  It was good to have an opportunity to come together as a body of believers and worship God yesterday.  This focus on true love from First Corinthians chapter 13 helps us center our thoughts on something other than the negativity of our society.  We can put aside the challenges of life for a few moments and receive some encouragement from being together with like minded individuals who are seeking some time with a loving Father in Heaven.  Yesterday we focused our thoughts on the words of verse six which tells us that love does not find pleasure in evil but rejoices with the truth.  Boy, do we need this message in our world today.  Let’s take a few moments to reflect upon these five questions as we consider Paul’s words.

1. How many of us remember a time while in the school cafeteria when someone dropped their lunch tray and everyone clapped?  Did that ever happen to you and how did you feel as people acknowledged your misfortune?

2. The Bible indicates that we should grieve when we see the sins of the world being played out before our eyes.  Mordecai grieved when he learned the Jews were about to be annihilated.  What causes us to grieve these days?

3. In the message, I talked about our need for celebrating the truth.  We need to celebrate when people turn away from their sins.  Why is it important for us to celebrate when someone surrenders their life to Christ?

4. When it comes to celebrating; God wants us to know why we are rejoicing.  When God gave the Israelites the festivals of the Old Testament, the older generation was to pass on the meaning to the younger generations.  How is the Communion service a time of celebration for us as Christians?

5. There is a certain joy that comes when we see people walking in the truth of God’s word.  This was expressed by John in his third letter at the end of the New Testament.  What do you find joy in these days and how is this related to the truth of God’s word?

Only two more weeks in our series from First Corinthians chapter 13, but these last two messages are powerful.  Let me encourage you to make plans to be here the next two weeks as we wrap up this series.  After we finish this series, we are going to launch into our Fall sermon series.  Check out the website to see all the great plans that are in the works for the coming months.  Now is an excellent time to invite your family and friends to join us in worship here at Cumberland.

In His Service,


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