Tom Scott - 14/04/2013

John 8:12-18

e-study for April 15, 2013


Itís always a good idea to have a good flashlight when walking around in the dark. They help you to see what is out there. Last night we watched a movie that had several scenes where we could not see the actions because it was pitch black. The message yesterday was about the dark world in which we live. I mentioned several stories that illustrate just how dark our world has become. It is into this dark world that Jesus stepped almost two thousand years ago. He came into this world to be the light that would drive away the dark. If you want to hear the message again, check out the website. You can also watch the message thanks to Dennis Clark. Here are five questions to help you review the message.


1. In the opening moments of the message I talked about the television show Revolution and how it is set in a world that has suffered through a global blackout. The characters in the show no longer have the ability to flip on lights, drive their vehicles, or enjoy music on the radio. With this show in mind, I asked people what it would be like to live in a world with no electricity. What would it be like to live in total darkness? Could we survive if there was no power to run our devices or heat our homes? How would we manage if the world suddenly grew dark?


2. The first half of the sermon dealt with the scriptures in the Bible that talk about the darkness of this world. From Genesis 1:1 to the end of Revelation, we see that darkness has been a part of this world. There have been times in human history when the darkness seemed to be more prevalent than at others times. The world experienced a period of time called the Dark Ages. What has been one of the darkest moments in your life?


3. Jesus came into this world to be our source of light. John 8:12 is where Jesus declared that he was the light of the world. In chapter one John writes that John the Baptist was a witness to this light that had come into the world. Paul writes about Jesus being the light of the world in 2 Corinthians 4:6. Jesus came so that he might help us see God in this dark world. Have you experienced a moment in your life when the spiritual light came on for you when it came to understanding the nature of God?


4. In verse 12 of John chapter 8, Jesus says that he came so that we might not have to walk in darkness. Jesus came so that we might see the path that leads into Heaven. Just like the Israelites had a pillar of light that led to the promise land, so we have a pillar of light leading us to the promise land of Heaven. Do you sense that you are traveling that path which Jesus has laid out for us to travel?


5. A third reason for Jesus coming to be the light of the world is so that we might have life. Jesus came to be the true light that would offer us abundant life. Our Faith Promise theme this year is: Sending the Light by showing our faith, hope and love. It is our desire to send the light by supporting our missionaries to the best of our ability. We want to share with the world the message that Jesus can offer us the hope of eternal life. Have you given much thought and prayer to the commitment that you will make to our Faith Promise challenge this year?


God has truly blessed us with the ability to impact lives around the world and here in our backyard. We have the ability to let the light of the world shine in our lives and to share this great light with others. My prayer is that you will have a great week in the Lord.




Introduction: What would it be like if the power really did go out in this world? We would be living in darkness. Some say we already are. Jesus came into this world to be our source of true light. This morning we will look at what Jesus was trying to say when he made that declaration in John chapter 8.

I. We live in a dark world.

A. In the beginning. Genesis 1:1-3

B. At His birth. John 1:6-8

C. To this day. Ephesians 6:12

II. Jesus came to be the Light of the World.

A. So that we might see God. 2 Corinthians 4:6

B. So that we might follow Him. Numbers 9:15-17

C. So that we might have life. Psalm 18:28

Conclusion: What this dark world needs is the light of Jesus Christ? This is why we support missionary efforts around the world and here in our backyard. It is vital that we increase our support for these missionaries as they tell others about Jesus. We can help lead people to the light of Jesus Christ through our faith promise offerings.

Key Thought: Jesus declared that He was the Light of the World and that is exactly what we need in our dark world today.


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