Tom Scott - 19/11/2017

2 Timothy 3:1-17

Theme: Let’s show appreciation for those who serve within our church

Activity: Recognize those serving within the church (Rhonda handling this)


Date: November 20, 2017

Art and I had a wonderful time at the International Conference on Missions this past weekend.  It was great to walk through the exhibitors hall and see so many different missions working to share Christ’s love with others.  Please keep Emrys Rees in your prayers as he recovers from a broken shoulder/arm.  I will share more about our trip on Thursday when the E-letter goes out, but thanks for allowing us an opportunity to attend.
Sunday, we spent some time recognizing those who serve within the church.  Much like missionaries going out into the world, we need individuals who come into the church and share God’s love with others.  You are putting your love for God into action when you step into a classroom to teach.  We are grateful for all those who volunteer here at the church.  The message yesterday dealt with this topic as we continued our series through the book of Second Timothy.  Here are five questions based upon what we looked at in chapter three.

1.  Do you remember a favorite Sunday school teacher you had as a child and what was it about this individual that made them special for you?

2.  Paul wanted to share both some good news and bad news with Timothy here in chapter three.  We see that the last days will be mark by terrible times.  Why do you think the last days will get so terrible for Christians?

3.  The good news that Paul shares with Timothy is that the word of God will stand the test of time and the Lord will always be there to rescue us.  Can you think of a time when the scriptures helped you escape from the devil’s trap?

4.  The last half of the sermon talked about pursing the truth of God’s word which is apart of our three year vision here at the church.  We need to know the truth and obey the truth if we want to show God our love.  What is keeping you from spending more time in God’s word right now?

5.  During the last half of the message I talked about the need to protect and share the truth.  Many young people today are searching for the truth, but unsure as to where to find it.  How confident do you feel when it comes to sharing God’s word with others and what would it take for you to feel more comfortable sharing it with others?

I’m looking forward to a fun week as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  Let’s try to enjoy the holiday and meet back here at the church on Sunday as we continue to look at ways to put our love into action.

In His Service,

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