Tom Scott - 12/11/2017

2 Timothy 2:1-26

We give thanks for those who serve our country



Date: November 13, 2017

  Yesterday morning, we took a moment to recognize those who have served in our military.  These men and women deserve our upmost for the sacrifices they made to our country.  Hopefully you got an opportunity to express your gratitude to someone close to you that served or that you felt appreciated if you have served our country.  The message flowed out of the theme of Veteran’s Day as we discussed being a good soldier in the Lord’s army.  The apostle Paul played off this theme in his letters including the one to his young son in the faith, Timothy.  In chapter two, he tells Timothy to endure hardships like a good soldier.  During this E-study, I want us to consider the qualities of a good soldier as we seek to impact lives for God in a positive manner.  Use these five questions to help us reflect upon the message which is already posted on our website. 

P.S. – Please keep Ralph Condon in your prayers as he is in Community East.  We will keep you updated on his condition as details become available.

1. Having traveled overseas and seeing how other countries treat their soldiers has given me some perspective on how we should respect and honor our veterans.  What are some meaningful ways we can participate in Veteran’s Day activities?

2. Second Timothy was written in part because Paul was about to go before Emperor Nero on charges he was stirring up trouble throughout the Roman Empire.  He knew a lot of soldiers based upon his time spent in jail or traveling as a political prisoner.  How did God use that experience to shape his ministry?

3. Paul wanted Timothy to be a good soldier as he ministered to the people of Ephesus.  Why would Paul use three different metaphors in the opening seven verses of chapter two when it came to encouraging this young man?

4. A good soldier will serve on guard duty and enduring countless hours conducting basic training.  Paul may have had this in mind as he tells Timothy to guard the good deposit in him and to be strong.  What does it mean to be strong in the Lord today and how has this changed over the years?

5. Paul wanted Timothy to remain strong in the word of God as false teachers polluted the truth with their lies.  I mentioned daily inspections and survival skills as the last two points in my message.  What survival skills are we passing on to others when it comes to the attacks of the devil upon our lives?

This coming Lord’s Day we are going to take a few moments to recognize those who serve within the church.  Let me encourage you to come this Sunday as we once again say thanks to those for whom appreciation is due.  We have a great group of volunteers here who put in long hours to make sure that the Lord’s work carries on.  Join me in recognizing them this Sunday. 
In His Service,

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