Earl Haubner - 26/11/2017

Ephesions 3:20-21

Speaker: Earl Haubner from Central Brazil Mission will be with us  Theme: Let’s show appreciation for those who serve as our missionaries                        Activity: Collecting 30,000 vitamins for Brazil


Date: November 27, 2017

  In just under two hours, a team of dedicated souls transformed the church from bare to beautiful as we prepare for the Christmas season.  Last night we had an excellent crew here to deck the halls with all sorts of wonderful decorations.  With the house lights off; the church looks stunning.  I can’t wait for you to see it Sunday morning when you come for the worship service.  A huge ”Thanks” goes out to Randi for leading the crew last night.  Be sure and invite someone to come this Sunday so they can experience the beauty of the season here at Cumberland.  
   Just a reminder, this Saturday we are hosting the children’s tent at the German Christmas market here in Cumberland.  We still have some open time slots to fill.  We have two spots to fill during the 2 to 3 o’clock hour, two spots to fill from 3 to 4 o’clock and five slots to fill from 4 to 5 o’clock.  On Thursday, I will attach a schedule of when people have signed up.  If you can help us during one of these time slots, please let me know before Thursday.  Right now, Saturday looks to be a beautiful day with highs reaching into the 50s.  Let’s put our best foot forward Saturday as we seek to impact lives for God by serving at this community event.
    Yesterday we enjoyed having Earl Haubner as our guest speaker here at the church.  Earl and Ruth Ann have been serving as missionaries for more than 48 years in Brazil.  They love the Lord and the people of the Amazon.  It was great hearing Earl share an update with us on the work that they lead down there.  Here are a couple of questions to help us reflect upon his message.

1.  Earl began his message by sharing with us a passage of scripture from Ephesians chapter three.  First, he quoted the passage in Portuguese and then in English.  When you read this passage of scripture; what is the first impression you get from Paul’s word to the church at Ephesus?

2.  During his message, Earl talked a lot about the work the Lord has been leading him in down there in Brazil.  One of the lines I picked out of his message was this: Get series about praying.  What does that statement mean for you right now?

3.  Something else that Earl mentioned in his message was the importance of dreaming.  He asked the question; where do you want to be in five, ten, fifteen years?  How would you respond to that question this week?

4.  Earl finished his message with the line that when God comes into your life; life gets better.  Many years ago he stated that when Jesus comes into the village, the village gets better.  What are some examples from your life that would bear out this statement?

This coming Sunday we are going to wrap up our series of messages from Second Timothy with a look at chapter four.  The title of the message is: We give thanks for those who serve within our homes.  With that in mind; let me challenge you to invite your family to come to church this Sunday.  During the month of December, let’s set a goal of averaging 70 people a week in worship.  If all of us just invited one person to come; we could easily surpass this goal.  Let’s make it happen!
In His Service,

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