Tom Scott - 3/12/2017

Timothy 4:1-22

Theme: Let’s show appreciation for those who serve within our homes

Activity: Recognize  parents, grandparents, and guardians


Date: December 4, 2017

  If you have watched the weather individuals over the past couple of days; they have been warning us that an Artic Blast is coming tomorrow afternoon.  They have been telling us that this past weekend might be the last good one till Spring.  Bitter cold is going to arrive tomorrow afternoon with strong winds and a high probability of measurable snow by the weekend.  Lots of my neighbors were taking advantage of the warning and finishing up their yard work.  Maybe you got out there and completed a few projects.  Those of us who served at the town event were grateful for the nice weather.  We had more than a hundred children come through the tent and take part in our games.  Thank you for your prayers as we served in this capacity.  Now, let’s ask God to open their hearts to the possibility of joining us for worship one Sunday.  That’s what we seek and are working towards. 
   Yesterday, I wrapped up my series of messages from the book of Second Timothy where we looked at putting our love into action.  The focus of the message yesterday was on those who serve as parents, grandparents, or guardians.  It’s tough raising godly children in an ungodly world.  We used the text of chapter four from Paul’s letter to Timothy to find some words of encouragement which we can share with those serving within our homes.  Let me offer five questions this morning that can help us reflect on that message which has already been posted to our website.

1.  The message began with a look at the 70′s folk song by Harry Chapin in which he sang about his son growing up.  What is one memory that you had of your parents growing up that you felt strongly about as you considered raising children of your own?

2.  Paul shared his feelings with Timothy here in chapter four because he realized that his son in the faith was struggling in his ministry.  In the message, I identified three emotions which Paul expressed.  He felt abandoned by some, opposed by others, and alone while standing on trial.  Why would Paul share these thoughts with Timothy as he closes out his letter?

3.  In chapter four, Paul also expressed his faith in God, hope in the future, and love for Timothy.  These three expression would serve as a way of encouraging Timothy in his ministry.  How might these expressions help parents, grandparents, and guardians today who are trying to bring up the next generation?

4.  The last portion of the message focused of some ways to impediment the main point of the message was to recognize those serving within our homes.  In the message I mentioned that we can pray and encourage parents.  Do you know some parents that could use some encouragement this week (if not, I can offer some suggestions) and when could you spend some time in prayer for them?

5.  Parents, grandparents, and guardians also need individuals who will defend them when they are trying to do the right thing when it comes to raising the next generation.  We can also mentor those coming up behind us when it comes to parenting children.  Did you have role models which you looked up to when it came to parenting and how can you serve as encouragers for those coming up behind you?

Raising the next generation is a tough assignment which is why we need to love one another as a church.  Let’s take some time this week to consider how we can bless those trying to train up the next generation to love the Lord.  Next week we are launching into a new series of messages as we turn our attention towards the Christmas season.  This week’s message will look at Jesus coming into this world to be our Savior.  I want you to think about your favorite Christmas decoration.  What does that decoration say about your walk with the Lord?  I’d be interested to hear about your favorite decoration if you want to send me an email. 
In His Service,

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