Tom Scott - 23/03/2014

Acts 10:23-33


Date: March 24, 2014

March Madness is at a fever pitch right now with only 16 teams left in the tournament. These coaches are spending the next few days getting their players ready for the next match up.  It is important that these players know the plays, understand their opponents, and practice shooting the ball.  Being ready for the game is evident the moment the tip off takes place.   The same can be said for Christians as well.  Are we ready to share our faith with others?  Have we study the scriptures to know what they say?  Do we understand what we believe as a Christian?  This was the point of the message yesterday.  Here are five questions to help us reflect upon what was said.

1. The opening illustration was about going up to a sales clerk at the Finish Line store and asking her a series of questions about the new Fuelband SE.  She was able to answer my questions and explain the advantages of the new product.  Have you ever had an experience where the sales clerk did not know much about the product they were trying to sell you and what was your impression of that individual?

2. In Acts chapter 10 we read that Cornelius and Peter both had visions.  Cornelius had a vision asking him to send for Peter and Peter’s vision prepared him for that trip to Caesarea.  Once Peter arrived at Cornelius’ house, he shared the gospel message with those gathered there.  Why was Peter so surprised by what happened in that house?

3. From this story in Acts chapter ten, I shared four thoughts that centered on this notion of being ready to share our faith with others.  In this story we see a willingness to go to Caesarea and share the good news.  This is key to our being able to impact lives for God.  Do we have a willingness to go when the Lord calls upon us to share our faith with others?

4. The second thought that I shared was concerning the willingness to respond.  The fourth thought was that we need to have a willingness to explain.  1 Peter 3:15 and 2 Timothy 2:15 were the scriptures that I pointed to for these two thoughts.  Peter allowed the spirit of God to speak through him as he stood before the group gathered in Cornelius’ house.  Are we willing to allow God to do the same through us today?

5. For the third thought I talked about Peter’s willingness to serve once he arrived at Cornelius’ house.  It says in the last verse of chapter ten that Peter stayed a few more days with Cornelius.  During this time he ministered to the man and his family so that they might know more about Jesus Christ.  It is through our serving one another that we gain the credibility to speak into the lives of those we are trying to evangelize.  What acts of service have we been preforming lately and how has God used those acts of service to open doors for you?

There is one more message in this series on Mall Evangelism 101.  Let me invite you to come back this next week as we look at Acts chapter 17.  The title of the message is “Let’s Be Clear.”

Have a great week in the Lord!

*************************Sermon Outline********************************************

Introduction:  We get ready to go in the morning or we get ready for a test by studying.  As Christians we are to be ready to explain the hope that people see in us.  Are we ready to share the good news about Jesus Christ with others?  Peter took a trip to Caesarea because the Lord asked him to go. 

I.  A trip to Caesarea.

A.  Cornelius had a vision.  Acts 18:9

B.Peter had a vision. Matthew 15:11

C.  Cornelius opened a door.  Acts 12:16

D.Peter opened a door.   Colossians 4:3

II.   A trip to Castleton.

A.  A willingness to _____________ Jonah 1:3

B.A willingness to _____________.1 Peter 3:15

C.A willingness to _____________.Matthew 25:40

D.A willingness to _____________.  2 Timothy 2:15

Conclusion:People are asking questions about Christianity today, but are we ready to respond?  That’s the question that we need to grapple with as we look to impact lives in this community.  Are we ready to give people a reason for why we come to church, read our Bibles, and try to live like Christ?Inquiring minds want to know and this is why we need to be ready.  

Key Thought: People are more inclined to search for spiritual answers today.

Key Words:go, respond, serve, explain

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