Tom Scott - 19/03/2017

Matthew 18: 10-14


Date: March 20, 2017

The first weekend of March Madness is in the books and some of our favorite teams did really well and others not so much.  If you filled out your brackets, you might be grieving this morning after the games finished up last night.  This morning I read an article in the paper about the coach’s wife for one team being escorted out of the stands because she was cursing loudly after her husband’s team lost to Kentucky.  Her relentless love for the team took her over the edge of what is considered appropriate behavior.  During the weekend, stories were told about moms who traveled thousands of miles to follow her son’s team.  Again, this is a display of relentless love.  As we opened up our Bibles to the gospel of Matthew, we witnessed the relentless love of God in the parable of the lost sheep.  Jesus tells this story as a way of getting his disciples to focus on what matters most to God.  Let’s reflect upon that story by working our way through these five questions.

1.  Do you remember the last time you came to the realization that you were lost while traveling around town or while on vacation?

2.  Jesus shared the parable of the lost sheep with his disciples and ended the story by suggesting that in the same way God seeks the lost sheep of the world.  Can you think of five or six people who would be considered lost sheep today?

3.  For the application portion of the message, I tried to focus our attention on preparing for our Easter celebration here at Cumberland.  The plea is for us to invite people to our service on April 16th.  What are some ways we can invite our friends, followers, and family members to join us for Easter here at the church?

4.  There are lots of scriptures in the Bible that talk about the role we can play in leading people back to the Lord.  1 Corinthians 3:6 is just one of those text.  What are some of the obstacles we face when it comes to inviting people to church?

5.  Once we talked about the plea and the plan, I turned our attention to the plus of setting some evangelistic goals for Easter.  One of those goals was to see God’s house full on Easter (Luke 14:23).  Another was the possibility of seeing people come to the Lord through Christian baptism.  The third plus I shared was the prospects of seeing the church grow in the Lord.  Will you make a commitment to helping us invite more than 316 people to our Easter service on April 16th?

We ended our service yesterday with a powerful prayer moment as we lifted up our brother who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  Keep Jase in prayer this week as the doctors continue to map out a plan for treating him.  Thanks for making yesterday a great day to be a part of the Cumberland Christian Church.  Let’s use every opportunity this week to encourage others to join us as we look forward to coming of our Savior!

In His Service,




Matthew 18:10-14                                                                                                 March 19, 2017

Introduction: The disciples wanted to ask Jesus a question about who would be the greatest.  Jesus would use this opportunity to teach the disciples an important lesson.  This morning we are going to look at the parable of the lost sheep.  As we prepare to celebrate Easter this year, Jesus’ response can help us fulfill our mission as a congregation.


I. One wondering lamb.

A. The story of the lost child.

B. The parable of the lost sheep.  Matthew 18:10-14


II. One little child.

A. The disciples asked him a __________.  Matthew 18:1

B. The Lord gave them an ____________.  Mark 9:36-37


III. One hundred people.

A. Here’s the ___________.  Romans 10:1

B. Here’s the ___________.  1 Corinthians 3:6

C. Here’s the ___________.  Luke 14:23


Conclusion: That lost sheep might be a neighbor, friend, co-worker or family member.  It is my prayer this morning that God will inspire us to go out there and invite people to come to our Easter services here at the church.  Let’s use whatever methods we can to encourage others to join us in celebrating the greatest miracle known to mankind; Jesus’ resurrection from the dead


Key Thought: We should have a relentless love for those who need Christ in their lives

Key Words: question, answer, plea, plan, plus


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