Tom Scott - 29/11/2015

Isaiah 7:14


Date: November 30, 2015

We rejoice with the decision of John and Sandy Pickett who transferred their membership following the morning service.  They are a great couple who love the Lord and want to serve in whatever ways they can.  Be sure to welcome them into the fellowship here.

Yesterday morning I shared the details for Rita’s funeral during the announcement time.  In giving those details, I promised to share them in the E-study today along with an address for the funeral home.  Here are the details as of right now.  Friday is visitation from 4 to 7pm with the funeral service on Saturday at 11am.  The name of the funeral home is Stout and Sons and the address is 200 E Main St, Russiaville, IN 46979.  The best way to get there is to travel up Highway 31 to Highway 26 and turn West.  MapQuest says that it should take approximately an hour and a half to get there from the church.  If you have any questions that the details, please call the office.

All of us have experienced those moments when we  realized someone just broke their promise to us.  Maybe it was a co-worker who promised to keep something a secret or a teenager who promised to bring home their report card.  Broken promises often leave scars that are hard to mask.  When it comes to God, He has never once broken a promise which was made to mankind.  That is hard for some of us to grasp.  Yesterday we looked at a passage of scripture from Isaiah were God promised to give King Ahaz a sign of what was to come.  We know that promise to be a prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ.  Here are five questions to help us reflect on the message.

1. The message began with a story from the Christmas Vacation movie were Clark was waiting for his Christmas bonus to come.  The longer the wait, the more tense Clark became.  Have you ever experienced a time when you got anxious about the promised arrival of a person or item?

2. King Ahaz was facing two kings who wanted to conquer Jerusalem.  God was giving the king an opportunity to ask for a sign, but he refused to put God to the test.  If you had been in the king’s sandals that day, what sign might you have asked for from God?

3. God promised to give the king a sign whether he wanted it or not.  The sign would be of a child who would be born to a virgin.  Matthew 1:22 and 23 tell us that the woman mentioned in the sign was Mary.  Why is it so difficult for us to believe that Mary could have been a virgin at the time of our Savior’s birth?

4. In thinking about the story of Jesus’ birth and how it was the fulfillment of the prophecies given in the Old Testament, some people had grown weary waiting for God to come through on his word.  Would you say that the promise of Jesus coming again has faded in much the same way as the prediction of his arrived faded in Israel?

5. One of these days Jesus is coming.  He would tell his followers that they needed to be watching and waiting for his return.  Look at the story of Luke chapter 12 as evidence of his desire to see his followers prepared for the promise of his return.  What can you do today to inspire others within your circle of family and friends to continue to watch and wait for the advent of Christ?

The Christmas season is upon us.  My prayer is that despite the urge to rush through the holidays; we will take some time to focus on Jesus Christ and what he means to us personally.  We are so blessed to have a Savior who would willing surrender all the beauty of Heaven to come and live among us.

Have a great week in the Lord!


It is time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the mantle.  Many of us will experience another busy holiday season as we rush around trying to get everything done in time for the holidays.  In the midst of this dashing around comes the plea to focus in on the child who was born some two thousand years ago.  Today I want to talk about how we can be warmed by his promise.

1.  Wrestling with His promise.

A.  It’s another Christmas season

B.  It’s another broken promise.

II.  Warmed by His promise.

A.  A sign from God. Genesis 3:15

B.  A virgin with child.  Matthew 1:22-23

C.  A son named Immanuel.  John 1:14

III.  Waiting for His promise.

A.  let’s not grow weary.  Galatians 6:9

B.  Let’s Keep watching.  Luke 12:37

Conclusion  Christmas is a great time for us to simply focus on the promise that was made unto us that Jesus would come into this world as an infant child.  God has always kept His promises in the pas which gives us hope that he intends to keep the promises that are yet to be fulfilled.  Let’s focus on those promises this year as we prepare to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends.

Key thought:  Jesus was the child of promise that came into this world so that we might be made right with God one again.

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