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Proverbs 5:21



Date: May 25, 2015

Today is Memorial Day which is unofficially been declared the official start to summer.  Many individuals around the country will head out to the lake to enjoy the water, some will gather around picnic tables to enjoy a family reunion, and others will make their way into work so that they can enjoy a paycheck.  Let me take this opportunity to thank those who will work today so that others may play and be safe.
Yesterday, I shared a message from Proverbs chapter five on the topic of marriage.  Being married these days has its unique challenges.  Social media and intern accessibility make it much easier for some to cheat on their spouse.  Pop psychology can lead one to believe that have an affair, lying to our spouse, or enhancing drugs are important to experiencing a full life these days.  In the message, I tried to communicate some virtues which will help to strengthen our marriages.  Hopefully you will take some time this week to reflect upon the message by working through the following five questions.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

1. At the beginning of the message I used a clay pot to represent our marriage.  On this clay pot went the names of a family and a couple of other details to make the pot their own.  When it comes to your marriage or to the marriage of a close friend, what object would you use to describe that marriage?

2. The first half of the message dealt with three vices which can destroy a marriage.  I talked about how anger, immorality, and pride can work to tear a couple a part.  As you consider these three vices, which one has been the most difficult for you to deal when it comes to marriage?

3. Once I covered the three vices, we moved on to three virtues which I believe can strengthen a marriage based upon the words of wisdom from Solomon found in Proverbs chapter five.  The first virtue is commitment.  Solomon is trying to impress upon his sons the importance of staying with their wife.  Malachi 2:15 commands that we not break faith with our wife.  Why is commitment such a difficult issue for couples these days?

4. The second virtue that we looked at in the message is gratitude.  Solomon uses the word “captivated” when talking about the way a husband should feel towards his wife.  How would you define the word “captivated” and is a word you would use to describe your feelings towards your spouse?

5. For the last virtue I used the word “submission” based upon what we read in Ephesians 5:21.  Solomon reminds his sons that God sees everything that happened in this world.  Whether the lights or on or off, we are in the basement or bedroom, with someone or all alone; God knows what is happening at all times.  Does the thought of God seeing everything that is going on scare you and why is that?

Every marriage has its moments when things could be going better, but the choice is ours as to whether we are going to destroy it or strengthen it.  My prayer is that we will work on the virtues and eliminate the vices.  Let me encourage you to spend some time this week praying for the married couples in your life.  Pray that people would honor their vows to one another no matter what.  Strong families lead to a better society.  Strong churches are the result of healthier marriages.

Join us this Sunday (May 31st) as we honor our graduates.  We will have a special moment when we will recognize those who have graduated from high school or college.  If you have not yet turned in the name of your graduate, please do so by Wednesday.  Thanks!

Introduction: Solomon had a thousand women who were either his wife or his concubine.  It is out of his experience that he tells his sons to remain faithful to their wives.  This is good advice for married couples today.  We will look at what destroys and what strengthens our marriages these days.

I. Here are three vices which can destroy a marriage.


A. ______________. Proverbs 15:1; James 1:19


B. ______________. Proverbs 5:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5


C. ______________. Proverbs 16:18; Philippians 2:4


II. Here are three virtues which can strengthen a marriage.


A. ______________. Proverbs 5:15-17; Malachi 2:15


B. ______________. Proverbs 5:18-20; Ecclesiastes 9:9


C. ______________. Proverbs 5:21-23; Ephesians 5:21


Conclusion: Every marriage has its moments when things could be going better, but the choice is ours to destroy it or strengthen it.  Solomon talks about the consequences of destroying our marriage and the benefits of strengthening it here in Proverbs chapter five.  Which direction is your marriage headed in this morning?

Key Thought: The Bible contains some words of wisdom for those of us who are married.

Key Words: Anger, Immorality, pride, commitment, gratitude, submission


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