Tom Scott - 24/03/2013

John 13: 1-17

e-study for March 25, 2013

How many of us like having an empty seat next to us in a restaurant, airplane, or at the movies? It’s nice having the extra room to spread out, hang a coat on, or a buffer zone. An empty seat can be a good things, but it can also be a constant reminder that someone is missing from the table like a child that went off to school or a spouse that chose to walk away. Sunday morning I used the empty chair on stage as a reminder that Jesus got up from the table and washed the feet of his disciples. Verse one of John chapter 13 tells us that Jesus wanted to show his disciples the full extent of his love and this tender act was his way of doing that. Jesus became a humble servant in those moments leading up to the last supper. My message focused on the example that Jesus set for us as he washed their feet.

1. Several times in the scriptures we read that phrase, “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” It is hard to imagine the disciple’s feet being beautiful as they sat around the table that night. More than likely they are feet covered with all kinds of dirt and filth from walking the streets of Jerusalem. When you think about your feet, would you consider them to be beautiful and clean or would you consider them to be nasty and dirty?

2. Jesus wanted to wash the feet of the disciple. He made sure that the servants went home early on Thursday so that he could be alone with his disciples. At just the right time Jesus got up from the table, grabbed a bowl of water, and went to wash the feet of the first disciple. How do you think the disciples reacted when Jesus bent down in front of the first disciple and started washing his feet?

3. The scriptures tell us that the disciples spent a lot of time discussing who was going to be the greatest in the kingdom that Jesus was establishing. James and John approached Jesus about sitting on the right and left of Jesus when he assumed the throne. Even as the disciples are sitting around the table on this last evening before the crucifixion; the disciples are at it once again. Why do you think the disciples spent so much effort fighting amongst themselves while Jesus was trying to serve them?

4. Once Jesus returned to the table he asked them a very pointed question: “Do you understand what I have done for you?” Jesus wants them to consider the example that he has just set for them in washing their feet. The Savior of the world just washed the scum of the earth off their feet. The Creator is humbly serving the created. This is a huge point to consider when thinking about other religions. What other god or goddess would do such a thing? With that in mind Jesus says that we are to follow his example. So what does it mean for us to wash the feet of others today?

5. In verse 17 Jesus says that we will be blessed if we wash the feet of others. James 1:25 tells us that we will be blessed if we obey the commands of Jesus. As he talks to the disciples about what has just happened, Jesus tells them to go and wash the feet of others. This is the command that has been issued as well to us today as his disciples. Jesus says that we will enjoy happiness if we wash the feet of others. When was the last time you experienced a blessing as a result of washing the feet of others?

 Let me take just a moment to express my sincere gratitude for those who helped with the Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch. Several individuals told me that everything looked nice and was well prepared. Unfortunately our family could not attend, but we have some excellent individuals who did a fabulous job putting everything together for this valuable event. Thank you Dewesa for heading this up!


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