Tom Scott - 31/12/2017

Philippians 3:12-14

Theme: We are on a spiritual journey with the Lord


Date: January 1, 2018

Happy New Years to you this morning!

Hopefully you were able to enjoy the festivities last night and are getting the New Year off to a great start.  Yesterday was a cold and snowy start which drove down the size of our crowd at church, but we still had a wonderful service that brought our hearts and minds closer to the throne of God.  During the message time, I talked about our new preaching emphasis for 2018.  This morning I want to share five questions with you as a way of reflecting on the message which came from Philippians chapter three.  The sermon has already been posted on the church’s website so if you missed the message; you are invited to listen to it there.

1.  As we enter into a New Year, people like to make resolutions for different goals and wishes they have.  Many of these resolutions quickly fade away as we get back to the routine of our lives.  What are some goals you have for the New Year which you intend to keep?

2.  The apostle Paul had a burning desire to pursue the Lord throughout the rest of his life.  That passion would cause him pain and suffering, but it was worth every bit of that in order to win the prize for which God was calling him heavenward in Christ Jesus.  What prize does Paul have in mind here in Philippians 3:2-14?

3.  During the last half of the message, I outlined a four part plan for us to achieve success in our spiritual journey with the Lord.  The first phase in this journey is called Starting Out.  Have you taken this first step in your spiritual journey with the Lord and if not, what is keeping you from doing so?

4.  The second phase of the spiritual journey is Training Daily.  There are certain exercises that athletes do in order to train for their next event.  What are some spiritual exercises you participate in that help you become a stronger, healthier Christian?

5.  Phases three and four are Mentoring Others and Finishing Well.  In the message I talked about passing on our faith to the next generation and the importance of finishing well with our spiritual journey.  What are some steps you can take in the coming days and weeks that will help you pass on your faith to the next generation?

The new year gives us lots of opportunities to make an impact in people’s lives for the Lord.  Let me encourage you to consider what it means to relentlessly pursue the Lord in 2018.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for the church in the coming months.  Let’s continue to press on towards the prize knowing God has something special waiting for us at the finish line.  (Something better than a donut hole or colorful medal)

In His Service,

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