Christian Schenk - 26/07/2015

James 4:1-13


Date: July 27, 2015

Yesterday was a great day to be here at Cumberland Christian Church.  We gave Christian an opportunity to bring us a message from God’s word and that is what he did.  If you missed his message, I would encourage you to look for it on the church’s website.  The text Christian used was James 4:1-12 and the title of his message was Torn Apart.  This was only the third time Christian has preached a sermon and the first time here at Cumberland.  On top of that, he was dealing with a stomach issue.  We are grateful for his allowing the spirit to use him.  The apostle Paul says in First Corinthians that when we are weak, He (God) is strong.  Through our weakness; people can see the power of the Holy Spirit.  Here are five questions to help us reflect on Christian’s message.

1. The message opened with Christian talking about all the issues which we face in the world today.  From the recent decisions of the Supreme Court to the community unrest on our streets.  Considering what we hear and see on the news, would you say that things are better or worse than they were five/ ten years ago?

2. For his first point, Christian talked about being torn from each other.  He used the verse of scripture from Ephesians four where Paul talked about speaking the truth in love.  Christian also talked about not knowing all the facts and how this can get us into trouble.  Can you remember a time when you got into an argument with someone and then realized you did not know the full story?

3.  Internal conflict was the main issue in Christian’s second point.  James talks about that internal struggle we wrestle with in our lives and how it affects the rest of our relationships.  Selfish desires become roadblocks to healthy relationships with the people around us.  How often do you find yourself wrestling with an internal struggle and has this ever caused you to fight with a friend or family member?

4.  Christian also talked about the conflict that exists between us and God.  He mentioned that the world, the flesh, and the devil try to stir up trouble for us.  When we listen to the voice of these three, it puts us at odds with God.  What is something you battle with that keeps you from enjoying a better relationship with God?

5.  James says that we should submit to God and resist the devil.  This is not an easy task, but one that can be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Christian ended his message by sharing the story of the man standing before the judge.  The man in darkness brought up the sins that had been committed, but the man in white said that those sins had been paid for.  Are we ready to stand before the Judge today?  If not, then I would encourage you to submit your life to God right now.

At the end of the service I mentioned that Christian’s internship officially ends on August 2nd.  The leadership of the church has agreed to let Christian stay until such time as he finds a full-time youth ministry position with a church.  Let’s pray for Christian as he looks for a place to serve the Lord.  Also, I would encourage you to pray for the youth of the church.

Join me this coming Sunday as we continue on with our series on the basic doctrines of the church.  The next sermon in the series deals with the church.  We will look at why we come to church each week.  The text for the message is Acts 2:42-47.  Praying that you have a great week in the Lord!

Torn Apart

James 4:1-13                                                   July 26, 2015

I. Torn from each other


A. Thinking  your ideas are right and other people are wrong

Eph. 4:15 Speak truth in Love

B. Difference between discernment or evaluation and Judgment

C. Not knowing all the facts


II. Torn in ourselves


A. We fight with each other because we fight within ourselves

B. People who fight within themselves because of selfish desires are always unhappy.

C. We are made in God’s image.



III. Torn from God


A. At the heart of every conflict is that we have been torn from God

B.  The World

C. The Flesh

D. The devil




A. We are all torn apart from each other and God.

B. We can fix it by staying in the word, prayer, and not causing

problems where they do not need to be.


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