Randy Pim - 16/03/2014

Psalm 119:11

“Unless we reach their hearts today, they will break our hearts tomorrow.�

This Idea of sensing God’s presence has long been the focus of man since the creation. When David was confronted after his sin with Bathsheba; his greatest concern was that God’s presence would leave him.  Do we have the same desire to sense God’s presence in our lives? Do we anticipate, prepare and participate in God’s Presence on a daily basis?


Date: March 17, 2014

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and lots of people are wearing green.  This is also a good day to break out the bagpipe music and enjoy a few songs with my favorite instrument.  As some of you may have noticed Sunday, our family was not here in service.  We traveled to Springfield, Missouri for the National Homeschool Basketball tournament out there. Altogether there was something like 600 teams competing for the national championship.  Daniel’s team finished 15th in the varsity division, which is a great feat when you consider the level of competition they faced.  We are back now and ready for Spring.  March 20th is going to be a big day.  It is the first day of Spring, it is Rachel’s birthday, and it is the day of our Home Invasion Prevention Seminar here at the church.  Be sure and make plans to come for this community outreach event.  The Marion County Prosecutors Office and the Cumberland Police Department will be here to present some material and answer your questions.

Let me take a moment to say thanks to Randy Pim for sharing a wonderful message Sunday.  He is a good friend and I appreciate him filling in for me.   His message was from Psalm 51:10-15 and dealt with the topic of sensing God’s presence in our lives.  I have not had an opportunity to listen to the message yet, but am looking forward to it being up on our website this week.  It might be that I podcast the message and listen to it this week while driving around town.  For those of you who did get to hear the message, take some time to write a few questions that will help you reflect upon the message this week.

This coming Sunday we are going to get back into our series called “Mall Evangelism 101″ with a message from Acts 10:23-33.  The message is entitled “Let’s Be Ready.”  Looking forward to sharing this important message with you from God’s word.

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