Tom Scott - 5/03/2017

Genesis 13: `13-=21


Date: March 6, 2017

We Rejoice!
Yesterday we were blessed with three additions to the church.  Dave and Lacey came forward and transferred their membership during the invitation time.  Then after the service Randi Sampson transferred her membership to the church.  We welcome these two families into the congregation.

Our Sympathies!
  Last night shortly before seven o’clock, Julia Cole passed away at Community East hospital.  Julia was surrounded by those who loved her and will be missed by those of us here at the church.  At this time, no arrangements have been made.  We will let you know  what the plans are once we receive them.  Please keep her family in prayers as they go through the grieving process.

Through receiving gifts:
Yesterday we looked at the fourth love language which Gary Chapman discovered while studying to become a counselor.  This fourth language is the receiving of gifts.  Some individuals enjoy receiving gifts especially when they are symbols of your love.  We talked about how to use this love language to impact lives for God.   Here are five questions to help us reflect upon the message.

1. What has been the most meaningful gift which you have ever received or given and what made this gift special?

2. Jacob sent 580 animals to his brother in the hopes of pacifying him upon his return to Canaan.  Mary poured a pint of fragrant perfume upon the feet of Jesus as her gift.  What are some other examples in the Bible of people sharing gifts with one another?

3. Once again, I shared four flash cards in an attempt to help us learn this love language.  The first card stated that we need to be willing to invest in people.  For some this may mean having a change of attitude about money.  The third card said, “Dare to create.”  Be creative when it comes to giving gifts to people.  What are some creative ideas for a gift to give someone?

4. The second flash card said, “Ready to listen.”  If we will listen to people, they will tell us what they really want.  Would your family say you are a good listener when it comes to giving gifts?

5. For the final flash card I had written down, “Prepared to accept.”  We need to be a good receiver as well as a good giver.  What does it mean to be a good receiver when it comes to gifts?

We have one more message in our series on the Five Love Languages.  Let’s encourage people to join us this Lord’s Day as we look at offering Words of Affirmation.

In His Service,


Genesis 32:13-21                                                                                                  March 5, 2017

Introduction: We are up to love language number four this morning.  Some people have receiving gifts as their primary love language.  This doesn’t mean they are materialistic; they just like receiving gifts from others.  Jacob was sending some gifts to his brother as he returned to the promise land.  How can we become better gift givers as we seek to impact lives for God?


I. This week’s love language.

A. That rocking chair.

B. Through receiving gifts.  Acts 20:35


II. This week’s Biblical examples.

A. Jacob __________ his gift.  Genesis 32:21

B. Mary __________ her gift.  John 12:3


III. This week’s flash cards.

A. Willing to ____________.  Proverbs 11:24-25

B. Ready to _____________.  Hosea 6:6

C. Dare to ______________.  Luke 6:38

D. Prepared to ___________.  Philippians 4:17-18


Conclusion: Most of us like receiving gifts on our birthday or at Christmas, but there are some among us who like receiving gifts more often than that.  We can speak their love language by presenting them with small tokens of our affection as the Spirit prompts us.  These gifts might be the opening that allows us to speak into their lives about God’s love.  When was the last time you gave something meaningful to another individual?


Key Thought: Some individuals communicate their love best through receiving gifts.

Key Words: sent, brought, invest, listen, create, accept


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