Tom Scott - 12/03/2017

Genesis 50:15-21


Date: March 13, 2017

This week is filled with lots of special days.  Yesterday was the day we set our clocks forward an hour to observe Day Light Savings.  Wednesday is March 15th which is consider by many to be the Ides of March.  Then on Friday we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  This week also marks the start of NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament which means lots of individuals will be cheering on their team.  Banker’s Life Fieldhouse is the scene for the some of the action as teams compete for the Sweet 16.  Maybe you have another reason for this week containing a special day.  In the midst of all these special days, let’s remember who it is that makes these days memorable.  God has blessed us with the gift of life and we have an opportunity to share that life with others this week.  One way we can share the gift of God’s love with others is through our words of affirmation.  That was our topic yesterday in the morning message.  Let’s look at five questions as we reflect upon that message.

1. What is the best compliment you have ever received and why did it touch our life in such a powerful way?

2. In Genesis chapter 50 we find Joseph talking kindly to his brothers when they sought his forgiveness.  Why was it so easy for Joseph to forgive his brothers considering some of the cruel things they did to him as a young man?

3. The four flash cards shared yesterday were meant to help us learn this fifth love language.  The first card said, “Give compliments; not insults.”  For the second card we looked at “offering forgiveness; not revenge.”  Do you struggle with giving people forgiveness when they have hurt you in the past?

4. Flash card number three said, “Use kindness; not complaints.”  How would your world be different this week if you were to refrain from complaining and instead used kindness when talking to the people around you?

5. The fourth flash card contained this message: “Make requests; not demands.”  Gary Chapman described the difference in these two statements.  Requests give people worth or value while demands belittle people.  Do you find yourself making more requests than demands when it comes to dealing with your family?

Yesterday we wrapped our study of the five love languages as discovered by Gary Chapman.  It is my sincere hope that this study has helped us grow  in our ability to love one another as Christ has loved us.  Let me encourage you to continue to practice these love languages as we seek to impact lives for God within our homes, congregation, and community.

I also want to invite you to join me this Sunday as we look at God’s Relentless Love for us.  This message will lead right into our Easter series which will come from the gospel of John.  Now is the perfect time to invite your friends and family members to the church.

In His Service,

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