Tom Scott - 21/04/2013

1 John 1:5-7

e-study for April 22, 2013


Monday morning has come once again and with it a lot of memories from last week. The events of last week were emotionally draining and that is why Sunday was such a joy. It is good to be in the house of the Lord enjoying fellowship with other believers. Last nightís time of worship was refreshing. We sang some songs that reminded us that God is always there for us in the good times as well as the bad times. The message Sunday morning centered our thoughts on the need for us to be a reflection of Godís light in a dark world. 1 John 1:5-7 reminds us that God is light and there is not even a trace of darkness in Him. We are to walk in that light as we go about our daily activities. Here are five questions to help you reflect upon the message:


1. In the news last week you had all kinds of stories about death and destruction. There were the events that took place in Boston and Texas, but there was also stories of civil wars in Syria, bombings in Iraq, and earthquakes in China. As you look back on the events of last week, which story would you consider to be the greatest example of the growing darkness in this world?


2. Throughout the scriptures we see the writers struggling to paint a picture of what God is like. Many times they would use the imagery of light in describing God. Revelation 21 says that Godís glory outshines the sun. Paul says that God lives in unapproachable light, John says in his letter that God is pure light. What thoughts come to mind when you think about God described as light?


3. We read in the scriptures that we are walk in the light of the Lord. In this message I pointed out that when we walk in the light it will shine in our faith, hope and love. Faith is such an important part of our lives. It shapes our thoughts and altars our actions. Paul says that faith causes us to want to please the Lord in all that we do and say. As we go about our daily activities, can people get a sense for the faith that we have in Jesus Christ as our Savior?


4. Hope is another area of our lives where our light can shine in a dark word. Every day we have opportunities in which we can season our conversations with words of hope as we look forward to the coming of Christ. Paul wrote about the coming hope that we have in his letter to the church at Thessalonica. That hope of eternity with God in Heaven should bring a smile to our face and bounce to our step. Are there certain individuals in your life who beam brightly with the hope that comes from walking with Christ?


5. When we walk in the light even as Christ is in the light, it will shine in our love. People will see Christ in our actions whether it is in providing food for the hungry or visiting the sick. Paul writes that we are to be like stars that shine in the dark skies as we live for God. The world today could use some more skies in the night skies. As we go about our daily routines, do people see us walking in the light through the love that we display?


This message also helps us prepare for our Faith Promise Rally which will take place this Sunday. Our theme is: Sending the Light by showing our faith, hope and love. The goal is to generate $50,000 in commitments. If you have not yet turned in your commitment card, please do so before Sunday. There are some cards at the information desk if you need one. Those missions that we support are counting on our commitments so that they can be the light of Christ where they serve. Letís reach this goal so that they can continue to tell others about the love of Jesus Christ. Have a great week in the Lord!


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