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John 11:23-26



Date: October 3, 2016

   On Saturday we embarked on a 31 Day commitment of prayer as we look towards the national election on November 8th.  Each day we have a focus statement to center our prayers on as we move through the month.  Today’s focus is on praying for revival within our country.  Right now we could use a great revival in our communities, homes and churches.  It is discouraging to see the number of individuals being murdered on our streets, the number of children growing up in poverty, and the hatred which exists in some segments of our society.  Now is the time for us to pray for revival so that individuals might turn back to God and find that peace which passes all understanding.  Yesterday’s message dealt with the topic of discouragement because it is something all of us have wrestled with at some point in our lives.   Even this morning some of you may be dealing with discouragement as you face another Monday morning.  Let me share five questions with you that will help us reflect upon the message which I shared yesterday morning.

1. Many individuals have stated the obvious that discouragement is universal.  It is something that all of us have dealt with at some point in our existence.  What would you say is the biggest source of discouragement in your life right now?

2. Jesus is with his disciples in the upper room here in John chapter 16.  It is his final evening with the men before his crucifixion and he wanted them to be prepared for what was about to happen.  How would you describe the mood in the upper room as Jesus spoke to the disciples here in chapter 16?

3. During the application section of the message, I shared three facts for us to cling to when dealing with discouragement.  The first of those facts comes from verses 23 and 24 where Jesus talks about praying to God.  Why is it important to remember that God answers our prayers when wrestling with discouragement?

4. The second fact that we need to remember is that God loves us.  In verse 27, Jesus shares this truth with his disciples.  What are some other verses of scripture that speak to God’s love for us?

5. Jesus wanted his disciples to understand that things were about to get difficult for them, but to take heart because He was about to overcome this world.  God is the one who secures our victory for us through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  How can remembering this truth help us overcome our moments of discouragement in life?

There is one more message in this series from the Gospel of John and it deals with moments of doubt.  Thomas was a great follower of Jesus, but he had his moments of doubt just like most of us do.  Jesus will help his disciples come to a deeper faith and that is what I want us to see next Sunday.  It is my prayer that you can be here as we wrap up this series: When I Am ___________.

In His Service,

John 11:23-26                                                                                                September 25, 2016

Introduction: This morning when we look over at the empty chair, we realize that someone is missing from our group.  Death has a way of impacting our lives.  Mary and Martha were upset at the passing of their brother because they believed that Jesus could have healed Lazarus before his passing.  Today we are going to look at how we can help those who are grieving by sharing with individuals a promise from God.

I. Saying good-bye to people.


A. Cowboy Bob was our friend.

B. Lazarus was their brother.  John 11:23-26


II. Coming back to Bethany.


A. They were _____________ by friends.  John 11:17-19

B. They were _____________ with Jesus.  John 11:20-22


III. Looking forward to Heaven.


A. There are ______________ of grief.  Ecclesiastes 3:4

B. There are ______________ to comfort.  Romans 12:15

C. There are ______________ from God.  Luke 23:43


Conclusion: Many of us know individuals who are grieving this morning.  As Christians, we have the promise of Heaven which we can share with those struggling with the death of a loved one.  Throughout the scriptures we discover God’s ability to comfort those who are grieving.  Let’s be ready to share some good news with those who are grieving today.


Key Thought: God holds the promise of eternal life for those believe in Him

Key Words: comforted, upset, stages, ways, promises


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