Tom Scott - 9/10/2016

John 20:19

Introduction: After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples n the upper room. Thomas struggled with doubt because he was not there for that meeting.  Far too many of us have wrestled with doubts at times in our life. This morning we  are going to look at how we can minister to those struggling with their faith. The empty chair here on stage has been left here by the one who has become
overwhelmed by doubt.

I. He opened up.

A.            I have my doubts.

B. Thomas had his doubts. John 20:24-25

II. He showed up.

A. Jesus appears to his . John 20:19-23

B. Jesus appears to . John 20:26-29

Ill. We need to look up.

A. having your doubts. Mark 9:22-24

B. God about your doubts. Matthew 11:2-3

C. answers to your doubts. Hebrews 11:11

Conclusion: God invites us to bring our doubts to Him because He wants to strengthen our faith. Jesus came to Thomas and invited him to see for himself that the resurrection was true. Today, is there a doubt that is lingering in your mind?  Why not take that doubt to God and see how He responds. When we are doubting; we need to draw near to God.

Key Thought: God holds the promise of enduring faith

Key Words: disciples, Thomas, admit, ask, anticipate

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