Tom Scott - 1/12/2013

John 4:21-24


Date: December 2, 2013

Worshipping God is something that should come naturally for us as human beings seeing how He created us for this very purpose.  When we consider the depth of love that God has poured out on us through Jesus Christ, worship should ooze out of every pore in our bodies.  That is what I was trying to convey in the message yesterday as we wrapped up our series on John 4:21-24.  Jesus would deal with the “where” aspect of worship.  As he talks to the Samaritan woman at the well, he will tell her a time is coming when we will worship neither on the mountains nor in Jerusalem.  As you reflect upon that message; here are five questions to guide your thoughts.

1. Over the years I have been blessed with the opportunity to worship in lots of different locations from here to the Ukraine.  There have been opportunities to worship in large venues and small living rooms.  I have enjoyed worshipping around a campfire at Allendale and a coffee table in someone’s living room.  Maybe you have had similar experiences in your life time.  What is the coolest experience you have ever had when it comes to worshipping the Lord?

2. Jesus would tell the Samaritan woman at the well that a time was coming when you would worship neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem.  This would have sent shock waves throughout the land of Israel as they came to understand what Jesus just said.  The temple was a holy site and the Jews would not willingly give that place of worship up.  How difficult do you think it would have been for the religious leaders to swallow what Jesus said here in these verses of John chapter four?

3. The apostle Paul traveled to the city of Philippi on his missionary journey and on the Sabbath Day he went down to the river to find a place of prayer.  While he was down at the river; he met Lydia who would become a Christian upon hearing the message of salvation.  A small church was planted in her home.  We read in verse 25 that Paul and Silas would pray and sing while sitting in a Philippian jail cell.  Do you think that you could have worshipped the Lord while sitting in that jail cell with Paul?

4. In the message, I shared three benefits of spontaneous worship, which is something that God loves to see and hear.  The first of those three benefits was joy.  Psalm 28:7 talks about the joy in the Psalmist heart as he trusts in the Lord.  He will sing to God because of the joy in his heart.  Paul and Silas had a spirit of joy about themselves as they worshipped the Lord in that Philippian jail cell.  When was the last time you truly experienced the joy of the Lord coming as a result of a time of worship?

5. The second benefit of spontaneous worship is that it creates opportunities for evangelism.  The other prisoners were listening to Paul and Silas as they worshipped the Lord.  Later that night, the Philippian jailer and his family would be baptized as a result of the worship that took place in the jail cell.  This is why I would encourage us to worship the Lord as we go about our daily lives.  Listen to Christian music as we do our daily chores whether it is in our homes or at the store.  How can you devote more time to spontaneous worship in your daily lives?

The third benefit of spontaneous worship is that it leads to dynamic church services.  When we spend time throughout the week worshipping the Lord it helps us be better prepared for what happens on Sunday morning.  If we want to experience a thriving relationship with the Lord; then we need to devote more time and effort to our personal time of worship.  We are robbing ourselves of true joy if we leave our worship to just a few moments on Sunday morning.  Let’s offer God our spontaneous worship whenever and wherever we feel so moved.

Next week we are starting a new sermon series entitled: The Three Gifts.  In your bulletin, on Sunday, you received a list of 25 inexpensive ways to share your faith, hope and love with others this Christmas.  These are the gifts that people want most.  Invite someone to come with you this Sunday as we look at the first of these three gifts: Faith.



John 4:21-24                                                                           December 1, 2013

Introduction: There is something beautiful about an old church building that has been well preserved.  Worshipping God in a church like that is a real treat.  Where do you worship God?  The woman at the well informed Jesus that the  Samaritans worshipped on the mountains while the Jews worshipped in Jerusalem.  Jesus told her that a time was coming when true worship would occur in neither place.  This morning we will look at where we can worship God. 

I.   Jesus talks about the location for worship.

A.  The place of worship was important.              Leviticus 26:11

B.  The place of worship would change.               Mark 13:1-2

II.   Paul found a place to worship in Philippi.

A.  Down by the river.                                          Acts 16:13

B.  While sitting in jail.                                        Acts 16:2

III.  True worship is sometimes spontaneous.

(The benefits of spontaneous worship)

A.  It brings joy into our lives.                             Psalm 28:7

B.  It creates opportunities for evangelism.         1 Corinthians 14:25

C.  It leads to dynamic church services.               Malachi 1:10-11


Conclusion: Jesus wanted to help this woman at the well understand what it  truly meant to worship God.  He was opening the door for her to a deeper and richer experience than what she was used to.  That has been my desire through this sermon series.  Today, we can worship God in spirit and in truth anywhere and everywhere thanks to what Jesus did for us on the cross.  True joy is found in worshipping the Lord.


Key Thought: True worship can happen anywhere and everywhere thanks to what Jesus did for us on the cross.


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