Khasi HillsKhasi Hills Christian Ministries (India)

Phillip Ho manages a medical dispensary in Khasi Hills, India. He preaches and shows the “Jesus” film in many of the villages. His wife, Margaret, is involved in interpretation of biblical literature and teaching materials for the local people. She also teaches Bible classes in Mawlai and Myllieum. Khasi Hills Christian Ministries has helped local congregations by providing building materials and medical facilities. They both work alongside the Khasi Christians through preaching, teaching, literature and medical aid to win people to Christ and build His church, all to His glory. Phillip and Margaret were the first missionaries Cumberland Christian Church chose to support.

Khasi Hills Christian Ministries
Missionaries: Phillip and Margaret Ho
Forwarding Agent: Joe and Linda McKenney
121-B Dewey Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356