Casting a Three Year

Vision for the

Cumberland Christian Church

December 27th            Text: Hebrews 12:1-3             Title: Relentless For The Lord

            Theme: We need to be devoted to pursuing the Lord

 January 3rd                  Text: 2 Timothy 2:15              Title: Relentless For The Truth

            Theme: We need to be devoted to pursuing the truth

 January 10th                Text: Luke 19:10                    Title: Relentless For The Lost

            Theme: We need to be devoted to pursuing the lost

 January 17th                Text: Philippians 3:14             Title: Relentless For The Prize

            Theme: We need to be devoted to pursuing the prize

             Relentless is the guy who pursues the girl of his dreams until she agrees to marry him.  Relentless is the young girl who gets up every morning at the crack of dawn to practice her ice skating in her pursuit of joining the Olympic team.  Relentless is the mail carrier who does not let a little snow or ice keep him from delivering a prescription to an elderly couple on his route.  Relentless is the teacher who refuses to let a learning disability stand in the way of a student pursuing an education.  Relentless is the Christian who wakes up daily with the desire to pursue the Lord no matter what others may say or do.  Relentless is the central theme of our new three year vision here at Cumberland Christian Church.  We want to be relentless in our pursuit of the Lord as we await His return.  As part of this vision we want to focus on pursuing the truth of God’s word, the lost in our community, and the prize which God has waiting for us in Heaven.  We invite you to join us in being relentless in pursuing the Lord.