How I Can Serve Him is the theme for 2014.

Phil. 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

This is the Year of Service

At Cumberland Christian Church, we have ample opportunities inside the walls of the church to serve and our members. We do that very well. This year we are expanding outward from the building into the community. This part of our website will offer a centralized location to highlight where some of the needs are and where our members can help with organizations we have teamed up with such as, Shepherd Community Center just as an example. We will list the organizations along with a brief description of the work they do for the community and a link to their web site that provides you, the member with the specific need the organization is asking to be filled. These are not meant to be monetary needs but physical needs that may be as little as a few minutes of your time to a long term commitment. The leaders of CCC ask that you consider each need prayerfully and go where you are led.

What Can I Do?

Have you ever read an article or seen a story on the news and wondered: What can I do? Honestly, what can I do about the problems of this world? How can I make a difference in this community? Who am I to influence the world in which we live? I believe the Bible has an answer to these questions. The apostle Paul says in Philippians 4:13 that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. In 2014, I want to bring that scripture to life for us through the weekly messages. Each message will lead us to this thought: how I can serve Him. We will be looking at some inspirational stories from the scriptures and from our world today as we gather together for times of worship. These stories will come with a call to action on our behalf. Let me challenge you to make a commitment right now not to allow our excuses to keep us from achieving what God has laid out for us to do. If we want to impact lives for God, then we have to trust that God will strengthen us for the adventure that awaits us each new day. Join me here at Cumberland in 2014 as we ask the question: What can I do?

By Clicking “SERVE” tab you will find four (4) categories of service opportunities

Serve International

Serve In-Country

Serve Local

Serve Education´┐Żand Camp

In His Service