KCU SealKentucky Christian University

Kentucky Christian University (KCU) is a private Kentucky Christian University with a Board of Trustees, from a fellowship of independent congregations known as Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. These independent congregations claim no creed or statement of faith except for the Scriptures and therefore the Board of Trustees has resolved that the Kentucky Christian University will abide by only a belief and a general statement based on those teachings of Scripture which are clearly taught and universally embraced by the independent congregations.

Kentucky Christian University
100 Academic Parkway
Grayson, Kentucky 41143-2205
Web Site: http://www.kcu.edu

Camp AllendaleCamp Allendale

Growing Hearts for God is the mission statement for Camp Allendale. It reflects their primary interest in young people, but does not neglect their desire to minister to the whole family.

Camp Allendale is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center serving the Christian churches of central Indiana.

Camp Allendale
Christian Camp & Retreat Center
4605 S. Allendale Drive
Trafalgar, IN 46181
Email: info @camp-allendale.org
Website: www.camp-allendale.org

Mahoning Valley CSCMahoning Valley Christian Service Camp

Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp is a Christian camp and retreat center located in Rushville, IN serving Christian churches in its surrounding vicinity.

Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp
3823 E. 225 N.
Rushville, IN 46173
Website: http://www.mahoningvalley.org/