COMECommunity Outreach Ministry Eastside (C.O.M.E.)

Whether a person is down and out, broke, too poor, needy, unfortunate, hungry, financially destitute, penniless, or impoverished is beside the point. C.O.M.E. is an outreach program of local churches in the Cumberland area to provide aid to deserving, needy neighbors. C.O.M.E. responds daily to the needs of those needy clients whom the Lord sends their way.

Community Outreach Ministry Eastside
First Baptist Church of Cumberland
116 S. Muessing
Indianapolis, IN 46229

Shepherd CC IndyShepherd Community Center

Shepherd is a faith-based, non-profit organization established in 1984. Shepherd Community works to break the cycle of poverty on the near Eastside of Indianapolis by educating and empowering the second generation. Shepherd’s programming is designed to help children and adults build a strong base in four key areas of their lives; physical, emotional, academic and spiritual by providing programs that make up a Continuum of Care.

Shepherd Community Center
4107 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Wheeler MissionWheeler Mission Ministries

Wheeler Mission Ministries endeavors to lovingly demonstrate Biblical Christian faith to the socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually impoverished by providing for their basic physical and emotional needs and by encouraging personal spiritual growth. Since 1893, Wheeler has been providing services to the poor and homeless in Central Indiana. What began in a two-story private home on south East Street with volunteers providing services to abandoned girls and unwed mothers has grown to one of Indiana’s oldest and largest providers of services to the poor and homeless. For 113 years, Wheeler has never strayed from the words of Jesus found in Matthew 25: “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Wheeler Mission Ministries
205 East New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2114
Web Site:

monkimageFAME is located on Southeastern Parkway and they could use
Volunteers sorting those medicines that are shipped out to
Missionaries around the world. Check out for the next opportunity to help out.
Central Brazil Mission receives lots of medicines from

IDES InternationalInternational Disaster Emergency Service – Rick Jett is the executive director of IDES. This organization helps individuals clean up and rebuild their community after disasters such as tornado’s, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters. medical and hunger relief is also provided to those in need. More information can be found at .



Hope Center – Indy

The hope center Indy’s mission is to be a Christ-centered program to help personally and professionally develop women who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Visit the website and click on the volunteer tab to serve or you can donate online under the give tab.

phone: (317) 434-5040