The Journey to the Cross

                 As we look forward to celebrate Easter as a congregation this year, I want us to spend some time reflecting upon the seven last statements made by Jesus as he prepared to die on the cross.  Each of these statements is powerful in and of itself, but together they create a conversation that has eternal ramifications.  These last words of Jesus address the very needs that we have today in our lives.  Forgiveness, love, compassion, family, and trust are just some of the topics Jesus covered in these final moments of his life.  Let me encourage you to join me in using this series of messages to invite others to come and visit the church as we follow Jesus on the journey to the cross.  It is at the foot of the cross that all mankind finds the grace that is so amazing and so powerful that it completely revolutionized the spiritual outlook of the world.  These seven last words of Christ will grip our hearts as we prepare for Easter this year.   

Feb. 18 th         Title: Father, Forgive Them              Text: Luke 23:32-34
Theme: Jesus offered forgiveness for those who opposed him

Feb. 25 th         Title: I tell you the Truth                   Text: Luke 23:43
Theme: Jesus promised eternity to those who believed in him

March 4 st        Title: Dear Woman                             Text: John 19:25-27
Theme: Jesus loved those who were closest to him

March 11 th      Title: My God                                        Text: Matthew 27:45-49
Theme:            Jesus cried when he felt God had forsaken him

March 18th    Title: I am Thirsty                              Text: John 19:28-29
Theme: Jesus fulfilled the scriptures which spoke of him

March 25th   Title: It is Finished                           Text: John 19:30
Theme: Jesus finished the course laid out for him

April 1st          Title: Father                                        Text: Luke 23:46
Theme: Jesus trusted in God who had sent him

April 8th        Title: The Road to Emmaus           Text: Luke 24:13-17
Theme: Jesus appeared to those who sought him